What are Home Groups?

Home Groups play a very important part in the life of our Church.

Every member of our congregation is encouraged to join a Home Group and they meet on different days of the week.

The format of each group is similar and generally consists of a time of worship, Bible Study and a time of prayer.

The Home Groups all study the same study notes provided by the leadership.

Within Home Groups there are opportunities for spiritual growth, encouragement, friendship, concern and support of each other.

Our aim: To encourage everyone to grow in their faith.

Our objectives:

1. To study and explore the Bible together
2. To develop a shared prayer focus both inside and outside the group (including missionaries supported by Fullbridge)
3. To practice inclusive hospitality among the whole group
4. To create a pastoral environment where the needs of the whole group are prayerfully  covered and practically met
5. To seek opportunities to participate, serve and use gifts in both the home group setting and the wider life of the Church