Who we are and What we believe

Who we are…

We are an independent church, with our origins in the Brethren movement. We are also associate members of Maldon’s ‘Churches Together’. We aim to reflect the pattern of church life as found in the New Testament.

We are a mix of people from a variety of different backgrounds. We aim to be a family church, accommodating all age groups. The common factor we have is that we all share a love for Jesus because His death and resurrection are the basis for our salvation and our personal relationship with a holy God.

The church is led by a group of Elders. Deacons co-ordinate the practical aspects of the church. Everyone is encouraged to use their gifts and abilities for God’s glory. The necessary finance to support the church’s activities, missionaries and missionary organisations comes from weekly free-will offerings.

 What we believe…

  • that God eternally exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that together they are one God who made heaven and earth
  • that the Bible is the inspired Word of God to everyone
  • that God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world so that we might be saved, He became a man, fully man and fully God; He lived a sinless life, died and rose again, ascended to heaven and will return in glory as the judge of everyone
  • that we are sinful and need to be saved from God’s judgement
  • that Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for our sin by his death on the cross
  • that everyone who repents of their sin and trusts in Jesus as their Lord and saviour receives eternal life and becomes adopted into God’s family
  • that the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit are still at work today
  • that the Bible instructs us to share Communion in memory of our Lord’s sacrifice and to baptise believers in water by immersion
  • that it is important to meet together as a local church to love, encourage, teach and serve one another.