Notices | Sunday 29th March

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him sahll not perish but have eternal life.  John 3 v 16 

This mornings service should be available on a live link from the Church

Jesus with a dressing gown – Sunday LIVE with Fullbridge
Please join us on Sunday LIVE with Fullbridge.  Simon and Judy will lead us in a short service from the comfort of our own homes at 10.30.  If you can’t join us live, then tune in later to catch-up on what you missed. Please click on the link below to connect to the Fullbridge Church Channel on YouTube.  This should open on any device connected to the internet.  The video will appear just before 10.30. (This week will be a trial – so please bear with us!)

Fullbridge Church Live

Reading Jesus’ word together:
Throughout the coming week, we are suggesting that we continue reading from the book of Acts together.  This week we focus on Acts Chapter 2.  Here are three questions that can be used with this (and any other passage!)

1. What do you think the first hearers of this bible passage would have understood?
2. In one sentence, how would you summarise what this passage is teaching?
3. Is there one point in the passage that challenges you?
– What impact could that have in your daily living?

As you WhatsApp, telephone and Face-Time one another throughout the week, let’s encourage one-another with insights from the Lord’s words.

Praying in Jesus name together:
As well as reading together, each week we will hear from one of our Mission Partners about how we can pray for them as Covid-19 effects the community where they are serving the Lord.  This week we hear from Martin and Carolyn who lead Vinjeru School in Zambia.

The school has had to close and the family are all isolating together, living at home on the School site.  Below are some prayer requests from the family and some related concerns that we can pray for back home:

Monday  – Zambia
:  “Pray for wisdom as a school management in how to keep our pupils learning and trying to get some fees so we can therefore have an income and be able to pay our staff.”

Tuesday  – Britain: Pray for all those children home-schooling.  For patience and understanding in the family home.  Pray especially for vulnerable children where school had offered a place of safety. Pray for those in poverty who are now hungry because school provided two meals a day.  Pray for food banks and everybody looking to support these families.

Wednesday  – Zambia: “Pray that we might trust God in this time of fear and the unknown. It does not seem very real here in Zambia yet but that means people are, largely, carrying on life as normal, which makes the likelihood of the virus spreading rapidly and with devastating effect much higher.”

Thursday  –  Britain: Pray for the protection of Foster and Kinship carers (who themselves are often vulnerable or older adults).  Pray for an already over-loaded care system that will be under even more pressure following Covid-19 as children are bereaved.  Pray for safety, for the preservation of mental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in care.  Pray for wisdom for Social Workers as they make life-changing decisions.

Friday  – Zambia:  “Pray for our government and medical services to make careful decisions and give good advice.”

Saturday  – Britain: Pray for all those staff on the front line.  Pray for Nurses, Carers, Policeman and all the others putting themselves at risk in service of others.  Pray for tests to be available soon and for more protective equipment so that they have less to fear on a daily basis.  Pray that Christians would have faith and not fear and be a shining light to their colleagues.

Sunday  – Zambia “Pray for us as a family as we get used to being home all the time (at  least we have lots of space so it doesn’t feel as confining as where most people have to stay) and how best to protect our elderly relatives so that they are kept safe.”

Pepper & Mustard This is an exclusive notice for the members of Pepper and Mustard!  Mums – Dads – please pass this on!  Each Sunday we want to share a resource with you that we hope will be both fun and give you something to think about and also to do.

The link below introduces a character called “Twist” and linked are activities to do and talk about in your families.

We will be sending out links to similar activities in the coming weeks as well as launching an Easter challenge next weekend.  We hope that this makes up a bit for not being able to meet together on a Sunday morning, but is also not too much like all the online school work that you are being set.

Good watching & listening material
Most churches are uploading onto their websites their “virtual services” and many of these will be available for more than just Sunday morning.  As we have a little more time, do enjoy some extra spiritual meal courses!  Some you might like to consider include:

All Souls Langham Place, London
Holy Trinity Brompton (Alpha’s home)
Dundonald Church (Tom Heasman’s church)

This is only a starter – there are many to choose from!

Salvation Army collection centre     Following on from the notices last week, should others be able to help volunteer with the food collection/drop off centre based at the Salvation Army, please contact Andy.  This is a key community hub led and hopefully run too by the churches in the town. Helpers are needed for putting food parcels together and sorting food stuff as it comes in as well as making parcels available for collection downstairs.

The Salvation Army shop on the High Street is asking for food, games, jigsaws, colouring books etc as well as any spare Tupperware for the food to go out in.  Please donate directly or, if you are self-isolating ask a.n. other to assist.

Buddies Very many thanks for those who have volunteered to buddy others in the church.  If you haven’t responded yet, please let Andy know who you would specifically like to support.

We would also ask you to consider phoning each week a couple of people who you haven’t spoken to for a while.  They don’t necessarily have to be from your house group.   It is great to have a call.

Local help number for anyone needing practical help in the Maldon District – the churches are part of this community response.  Please share this information with friends and neighbours.  If you have a window with good visual access from the pavement, please print and pop it in the window.  Thank you. Please see separate post for the poster.

And finally!!  (if you have got this far) Don’t forget that the clocks go FORWARD this weekend which means we lose an hour.  Make sure you adjust your clocks so that you have the correct time to join the online service.