Church Notices | Sunday 15th November

LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. Isaiah 33:2

Sunday  Service Today Ralph and Gill Springett will be leading our YouTube service and the speaker will be Andy Mugford. 

Fullbridge Church YouTube Channel

Sunday Prayer at 4pm  In the run up to Christmas, we believe that it is right to step up our praying together as a church and we will be meeting across Zoom each Sunday afternoon.  What could be more beneficial than spending an hour together praying and seeking God’s face for our world, our country and each other at this time of restrictions?   Please join us on Sunday afternoon at 4 pm. We will be using the imagery of water – its refreshing nature, its necessity for growth and cleansing.

Alpha We had another encouraging session on Tuesday.  We are very conscious that unless God is at work we work in vain, so we are grateful to a number of folk who have offered to be part of a prayer team.  There are spaces for more – please contact us if you are willing to do this.

The Elders & Deacons will be meeting on Monday to plan for a very different looking Christmas.  Please pray that we have the balance of imagination and wisdom in our planning when Christmas guidelines are not with us yet.

Prayer theme for the week  As we enter the next week of Lockdown 2 and Christmas is on our horizon, but so cloaked in uncertainty,  let’s join in praying for vision beyond the circumstances as we ask the Lord to show us how to make the most of the season and the conversational opportunities that we still have even with Covid around us.

Food Pantry Christmas Hampers  The Food Pantry are looking to make up Christmas hampers for their regulars.  They need the following:

Christmas Puddings, Christmas cakes, sweets and biscuits. instant puddings, tinned ham, jellies and custard.  Plus anything else that can be put into a hamper.

Donations should be dropped off at the  Elim Pentecostal Church Maldon, 17 Wantz Road, Maldon.  Andy can collect them from you if that would be easier and would also reduce unnecessary journeys.

Home Groups  The Wednesday group and Thursday group will meet for   prayer and bible study via Zoom.  Details will be sent to you.

Understand your Bible better – The next session will be on Sunday 22nd November at 7.00.