Church Notices | Sunday 25th October

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3 v 5.

Sunday  Service  Phil and Anne Reeve will be leading our YouTube service and John Grayston is the speaker.  The bible passage is Acts 14. 21-28.  Fullbridge Live

Please continue to pray for those who have health problems and those who are living on their own especially as we are now unable to visit people in their homes.

Virtual Coffee after the service  This week it will be in combined home groups.  The zoom link will be sent to you.

Home Groups  The Wednesday group and Thursday groups will meet for prayer and bible study via Zoom.  Details will be sent to you.

We have the regular Zoom revival prayer meeting on Sunday at 6pm.  Richard L is leading and this is a great opportunity for us as a church to unitedly express to our Father God that we want to see his Kingdom advancing in Maldon and Heybridge and that we are open to working by the Spirit.   Join in to show your desire to see God at work in our community and to show how much we care.  You don’t even have to leave your house as Andy will set up a zoom meeting.    The subjects for prayer are;

  • For a sense that we are part of God great narrative and for us to be captivated by it
  • For a sense of what repentance means as followers of Jesus
  • For new outreach opportunities on the new housing estates, our online services and for Alpha due to start on November 4th

Understand your Bible better   On 1st November we will begin a new course, via zoom,  to give us the skills to interpret and apply the Bible better to our daily lives.  It will last for 6 weeks on each Sunday from 7pm to 8.30 covering matters like how to interpret in the context, considering historic background, hinderances to good interpretation and how to apply the message to our lives. Each session will be interactive with worksheets.   If you would like to join please contact Simon Quelch as soon as possible.  Those who have done it before can do it again.  It’s an opportunity to invest in our walk with the Lord whatever our age.

“Live services” in Church Our next live service will be on Sunday 1 November.  After that we plan to have a live service fortnightly for those who would like to attend.  Next week we will send out  the updated guidance on how this will work.  The YouTube service will continue as usual.  We hope that this will give the opportunity for some to meet in the building safely and for us to share the same service content wherever we are sitting.

Alpha course We have a number of people signed up for our online course that is starting on Wednesday 4th November at 8pm.  We can take more!  Please direct friends to the church website or for more information.