Notices for Sunday 13th October

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6  verses 19-21

Welcome to our service at 10.30am.  The speaker today is Billy Young and the service leader is Andy Mugford. Today’s subject is “Does self come first in my life?”  The bible reading is 2 Samuel 14 verse 1 to chapter 15 verse 37.

Please join us at 10.10 in the upstairs room for prayer.  If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Richard and Sarah Reynolds will be available.

Please join us for Tea and Coffee after the service.

Revival prayer meeting  Due to the extended time of prayer meetings there will be no prayer meeting on Sunday evening.

On Saturday 9th November  Fullbridge Church will be hosting an evening of worship led by Jon Paynter from Danbury Mission. It will be a FEAST with refreshments included. Please put it in your diary and do invite anyone you think would appreciate it. It will start at 7 pm and finish around 9 pm.

Music practice Please join us to sing, or bring your instrument to play, as we practice for Sunday services together. There is no expectation that you have to lead or perform, but we would appreciate more help. If you are interested or need any clarification speak to Rachel.

Reaching Women for Christ have “A Day Away” at Stanway Evangelical Church on Saturday 19th October. The speaker is Faith Marsden who will be speaking on the Book of Ruth.

Danbury Mission October 14th 8.00pm
Danbury Mission invite you to hear Peter and Hadassah Hawk to hear how God has transformed their suffering into his service. Refreshments from 7.30pm.

Please continue to pray for Simon Quelch as he visits Brazil to teach the course on “how to understand the Bible better.”  Please see notices for 1st September for his itinerary. Please also pray for Judy who has joined Simon in Brazil for a couple of weeks.

Home Groups meet again this week.
The Wednesday group will meet at Richard and Sarah’s.
The Thursday group will meet at Andy and Rachel’s.
The Friday group will meet at Val and Pete’s.

Home group questions
2 Samuel 14 is a narrative where Joab, a “wise” woman and Absalom are all trying to manipulate David.

  1. What previous events in David’s life leave him open to this
    manipulation? What other examples can you think of in scripture where someone has compromised their faith and left themselves vulnerable to the next test that came along?
  2. What actions should David have taken and when?
  3. Joab is loyal to David but he is dangerous. Why he does employ this wise woman rather than go to David directly?
  4. What are the signs of Absalom’s ambition in this chapter?
  5. How should church leaders help someone with obsessive ambition for position in church life?
  6. The Lord looks at the heart. What would he have seen in the heart of Joab, David and Absalom?
  7. v.14. God devises means. What were those means?

Food Pantry thank you to everyone for all the items which have been donated for the food bank. We will shortly be collecting items for Christmas especially some of those special items like Christmas puddings (small), custard, tin veg and small chocolate gifts.

Maldon Methodist Church are holding a fund-raising concert on 19th October at 7.30.  All proceeds will go to the Maldon Refugee Response Group.  Tickets are £8 in advance and £10 on the door.

Vinjeru School Trust Fundraiser Quiz Night, has been postponed until next year.

Sunday morning children’s activitiesOn the first Sunday of the month there is a family time together service at 10.30.  On the remaining Sundays the children join the first part of the service, then go to separate parts of the building for their activities.

If you have any items for the notices please let Sheila have them by Friday lunch time at the latest.