Holiday Bible Club | 17th April

We’re blasting off into space for our Holiday Bible Club, going where no man has gone before!

There won’t be one moment to stand around doing nothing. Faster than you can say, “To infinity and beyond!” everyone will be whisked along at light speed into another galaxy. They’ll be something for everyone. Whatever your preferred space craft, they’ll be a galaxy to explore. The fortunate children will have the chance to join us at the Space Academy. Bettie and Ted our trainee astronauts will be leading us as we work out with them, who the real Space Superhero is. Can you guess? Forget Buzz Lightyear, Captain Kirk or Flash Gordon.  It’s Jesus we’re here to discover.

Download the attached Parent/Guardian letter for more information; then download, complete and return the Consent and Registration form to or use the on-line registration form. Early booking will avoid disappointment!  We can’t wait to see your child for a day of space adventure!

Parent-Guardian Letter

Space Academy Holiday Bible Club Consent and Registration Form
On-Line Registration Form