Notices | Sunday 17th March

Welcome to our service today at 10.30am. The service will be led by Ralph Springett and the speaker is Phil Page.  The bible reading today is Romans 11 vs 1-10.  The subject is a “Remnant  chosen by Grace.”

Tea and coffee will be served in the back hall after the service.   Roger and Robyn are responsible for tea and coffee today.

Please join us at 10.10 in the upstairs youth room for  prayer.  If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Lucy and Paul will be available.

 The Home Group venues
Sarah and Richard’s group – Sheila and Richard’s.
Andy and Rachel’s group – Terry and Ann’s.
The Friday group – Ken and Ellen’s

Fellowship Lunch Please note there will be no Fellowship Lunch this month.

 Men’s Weekend 15th – 17th March Please remember those that are away.

GSUS Live The week at Ramsey School Halstead went very well and there were no further technical issues. The team has now moved onto Hedingham School. After that the trailer moves onto Honywood School Coggeshall.

Parliamentary Prayers An Early Day Motion tabled by Crispin Blunt MP is calling for an end to prayers in Parliament at the beginning of each day.  The prayer is “that MPs lay aside all private interests, prejudices and partial affections and strive for the public welfare, peace and tranquility of the realm and for the uniting and knitting together of the hearts of all persons”

This prayer has been said daily by the Speaker’s chaplain before every sitting of the House of Commons since 1661. (the wording was updated in 1997.)

A petition has been drawn up to keep the daily prayers. / please sign the petition and pray for the preservation of Christian prayer in the House of Commons in keeping with the Christian foundations of our parliament and government.  If 100,000 signatures are received this petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament.  Please also pray that the Christian MPs will stand strong over this issue and that the Lord will be honoured in Parliament.

Annual Fellowship meeting – Saturday 23rd March.  5.30 for pizza. One subject we would like to air is the future of Fullbridge. Where do you think we are going as a church? How can the many positives about Fullbridge be maintained in the future? Where will new conversions come from? What will the church look like in 5 or 10 years’ time? Who will give the teaching and pastoral care? Please think and pray about the needs of the church and come prepared for discussion about our future direction – how are we going to grow and thrive? Childcare will be provided during the meeting.

Revival Prayer meeting Sunday 24th March at 6.00.  Venue to be confirmed.

The Easter Bible Club is to be held on the 17th of April.  Further details will follow.

Saturday 27th April is the date for this year’s church Spring Clean.

Food Bank – If you have any items for the food bank please put them in the box in the entrance hall. At the moment they are running very low on long life milk, tinned vegetables and coffee.