Café Church | Prayer

Let us sit, like David did before the Lord,
As he asked, let us ask….

“Who am I, Oh Sovereign Lord,
and what is my family, that you
have brought me this far?”

We all have struggles and sometimes we feel so apart from you.

We so often find ourselves scrambling through life, independent of you,
arrogantly making decisions that suit us, but often equally harm us.

Please, help us right now to trust you more,
to look to your word and to be reminded of your perfect plan for your world.

Holy Spirit, grow seeds of trust in our hearts so that we may be fed by your
grace and love.

For some, who have learned to mistrust, draw especially near.

Bind broken hearts in your love which cannot be snuffed out.

Lead imprisoned souls in your light.

Build new relationships of trust where there has been heartbreak

And Lord, as we take this path of deliberate trust in you and in your word,
we ask that your angel armies be near to encourage and enlighten us.