Notices for Sunday 24th December

Welcome to this morning’s service – The service leader and speaker today is Andy Mugford.

Please join us for tea and coffee in the back hall after the service. Roger and Carolyn are responsible for tea and coffee today.

Please join us at 10.10 in the upstairs youth room for prayer before the service.  If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Ross and Bertie will be available.

Please remember in your prayers all those who have on-going health problems and are finding life tough and those who have been bereaved and will be spending their first Christmas without their loved ones.

Christmas Day service.  Please join us at 10.30 on Christmas morning to celebrate our Saviour’s birth.  Matt Springett will be the speaker.  The service will last approximately 45 minutes.

A HUGE thank you to all who have helped in any way – by being there, setting up, clearing up, making, presenting, singing, reading, cooking, welcoming, technical support and especially praying for the Christmas events this year – starting with Carol Singing in a very cold High Street, then Carol Services and other Christmas related events and activities.  It has been very encouraging to see Fullbridge family members volunteering at a very busy time of year when it would have been much easier for them to have stayed at home.

We have given out 500 pieces of our literature over the month and made some very positive contacts across the town.  It was also very encouraging to see the range of guests at our Crib and “grown up” Carol Services.

Please continue to pray for the seeds sown, the good news shared, and that God, by his Holy Spirit, will continue to stir their hearts and that we will see fruit from our service for Him.

While the events are fresh in your minds, please do let me know if there are any suggestions for next year – we want to be fresh and creative in our sharing of what we know is the best news our community will ever receive in 2018. Andy on behalf of the Elders.

Food Pantry  There is box in the entrance hall for donations to the food bank.

Home Groups
The Friday group will meet at John and Janet’s.
For the other groups please contact your home group leaders for details.

Homegroup questions:

  1. As we look back over our own journey of faith, what similar obstacles/challenges have we faced and seen and, with God’s help, have overcome them?
  2. What are the challenges/distractions we see ourselves (firstly!) and for us as a community of believers at Fullbridge facing when we consider the question “How much trouble will we go to to find Jesus?”
  3. How have we and how can we encourage one another on our walk and witness for the Lord Jesus?

Please spend time praying for each other honestly in the light of the group’s responses to question “2”.

Pepper and Mustard Party on Sunday 21st January from 4-6 pm at Fullbridge. The party will have a wise man theme so feel free to dress up and we would love you to invite a friend.

Advance Notices – 

Week of Prayer at Fullbridge on 16th -20th January.  Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 10.00am and Tuesday to Friday at 8.00pm.  If we want to see the Lord working amongst us then put these dates in your diary that we might seek the Lord together in the way he called us to.  “If you seek me with all your heart I will be found.”

The Next Fellowship Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 24th March 2018. We will start with fish ‘n chips at 5pm and the meeting will start at 6pm. We hope that families will be able to join in.

Fuse 2018 28th- 30th September.  We shall have Steve Morley with us.  This is an important time for all of us to be together hearing what the Lord wants to say.  Put the date in your diary.