Notices for Sunday 10th December

Welcome to this morning’s service – The service leader today is Jack Chambers and the speaker is Charles de lacy.
Please join us for tea and coffee in the back hall after the service. Gavin and Julian are responsible for tea and coffee today.

Please join us at 10.10 in the upstairs youth room for prayer before the service. If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Simon and Judy will be available.

Andy Mugford – Andy would be grateful for your prayers as he takes the service at Albany Church Enfield today.

Town Carol Service 5pm today 10th December at the URC, Market Hill.
Next Sunday (Dec.17th) we will be having a communion-only service in the morning. There will be plenty of opportunity for open worship, so please come prepared to contribute.

Wanted for the Church Carol Service on 17th December Mince pies and sausage rolls. Please bring your donations to Church. If you are able to supply sausage rolls (which in the past we have found are very popular) this would be appreciated.

Kraft Monday 18th December 2017 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm at Fullbridge. Come and help us celebrate the birth of Jesus. Carols, fun quiz, festive foods, tea or coffee, and lots of fun and fellowship. Pop in for 10 minutes or stay for the afternoon as you wish. We would just love to see you. All welcome. If you have any queries please speak to Wendy.

Please remember in your prayers all those who have on-going health problems and those who have been bereaved.

Used Stamps The Post will soon be arriving with ‘proper’ stamps on. If you would spend a little time cutting around the stamps – about half an inch or a centimetre, then bringing them to church, either to John Weavers or to Beryl, they can be given to M.M.N. as a valuable resource for them. If the edge of the stamp is damaged, it is worthless. Thank you for your help.

Carol Service-ettes (Andy’s expression!!) We are taking 3 mini-carol services during December.
• Embassy Court on Tuesday 12th at 7:30pm,
• Brewster House on Thursday 14th 10:30am
• Longfield Friday 22nd at 2:30pm.
• Singers and/or musicians who are available to help are very welcome – please sign up on the board in the rear hall.

Echoes International (previously Echoes)
Widen your vision and understanding of cross cultural mission – for free. Echoes International (previously Echoes) are giving free subscriptions, (£33 worth) to their monthly magazine and Daily Prayer Guide for 2018 (either hard copies or online). Each magazine contains short reports from mission workers and also four excellent articles about key mission issues and things that Christians abroad have to face. If you are interested please contact Judy, or you can contact Echoes directly on

Advance Notices

Week of Prayer at Fullbridge on 16th -20th January Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 10.00am and Tuesday to Friday at 8.00pm. If we want to see the Lord working amongst us then put these dates in your diary that we might seek the Lord together in the way he called us to. “If you seek me with all your heart I will be found.”

Fuse 2018 28th- 30th September We shall have Steve Morley with us. This is an important time for all of us to be together hearing what the Lord wants to say. Put the date in your diary.

Home Groups will meet as following
Wednesday group – Please contact your house group leaders.
Judith and Roger’s group – Roger and Judith’s.
Sarah and Richard’s group will be meeting at Gavin and Kate’s starting earlier as a social at 6.30pm.
The Friday group – Pat’s.

Home group questions
Some suggested house group questions and pointers for discussion.

1. How do the promises made by God to Abraham connect with Jesus and why do they find fulfilment in Jesus ? See Genesis 12.1-3 Genesis 15.1-6 Galatians 3.7-14, 15-18
2. How do the promises made to David connect with Jesus and why do they find fulfilment in him? See 2 Samuel 7.1-16 Matthew 1.18-24 Romans 1.1-6 Acts 13.22,23, 26-38
Notice the use of covenant language both with regard to Abraham and David. What does God assure his servants of when he makes a covenant? See Hebrews 6.13-20
3. The genealogy in Matthews Gospel covers the history of Israel from Abraham right up to the birth of Christ. How would you describe that history spiritually speaking? Does the coming of Christ come at a low point or high point of Israelite history? Have a look at Matthew 2 for the mixed reaction to Jesus coming Matt 2.13-18.
How might this perspective from the Bible make us think about our own Christian history in Britain? In what way does it challenge and in what way does it encourage?
4. What was Joseph’s reaction to Mary’s pregnancy and what do we learn about Joseph from this reaction? Matt 1.18-19 What effect would the pregnancy have upon the relationship? Mary was perhaps around about 14 or 15 Joseph maybe 30. What effect would the reaction of Joseph had upon Mary assuming she was given some sense of what he really thought?
What does this have to teach married couples about the way that God may take a marriage and use it in his purposes? What does it tell us about the cost?
5.What do we learn about Joseph from 1.20-25, what impresses us about Joseph?
6. Joseph had no sexual relations with Mary why might this have been important for the Gospel writer to record? Matt 1.25
7. What do we learn about God’s sovereign purposes and choices from the experience of Joseph and Mary and what do we learn about the personal difficulties we might experience as God works out his sovereign purposes in our own lives?
8. Jesus conception is through the work of the Holy Spirit. Matt 1.20 Mary does not conceive Jesus through sexual intercourse. Matt 1.22,23 What does that tell us about Jesus ultimate identity? See also Matt 3.16,17 Matt 14.28-33 Matt 28.19,20 Hebrews ch 1.1-14 John 1.1-18
9. How fundamental is the divinity of Jesus for the Gospel writer? 1.23 We find it easy to think about the humanity of Christ but why is the Divinity of Christ also of fundamental importance as well as the humanity of Jesus ? See Philippians 2.5-11 Colossians 1.13-20
10. The Divinity of Christ forces us to realise that God is not one Person but Three Persons. The oneness lying in the fact that the Three Persons share a common divine nature. This is why Jesus can speak of the Son of God as being sent by the Father. See John 10.31-39 It is why he can speak of the Spirit as another counsellor see John 14.25,26 John 15.26,27 It means that Jesus in a human nature is really God with us because the Word became flesh. John 1.14 It is only as God and Man that Jesus can be the true mediator. See 1 Tim 2.5,6, 2 Timothy 1.6-14 The ultimate Priest Hebrews 7.23-28 9.11-14 The ultimate king Revelation 19.11-16
It’s only as God and man that Jesus can save us- Do you believe this?
Do you recognise Jesus Christ as God come in the flesh the true Prophet Priest and King?11. For many people they will find it very difficult to accept that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh. Why is that ? How can we emphasise these truths in our preaching and teaching? What arguments can we use from Scripture that Jesus is God come in the flesh?
Without God’s power it is impossible to believe this. See John 3.5-8, 2 Cor 4.3-6. Do you believe that without God’s personal intervention a person cannot believe?
Do you believe that it is only because God enabled you to see the truth that you came to faith and natural ability could not save you?
How should we feel in the light of these truths?
What would have happened if God had not opened Joseph’s mind to the truth?
What are the limits of preaching in the light of this dependence on God? What place must prayer take in our lives and the life of the congregations and how important is Bible Reading?