Sunday News 15th October

Welcome to this morning’s service – The service leader today is Phil Reeve and the speaker is Andy Rackham.   Tea and coffee will be available in the back hall after the service and Julian and Ann are responsible for this.  Please remember to say thank you to them as they serve you on Sunday mornings.

Please join us at 10.10 in the upstairs youth room for prayer before the service. If you would like someone to pray with you after the service today Simon and Judy will be available.

Andy Mugford would be grateful as he takes the services at Shotgate Baptist Church this morning and City Hall Mersea this evening.

A prayer request from Caitlin – on Wednesday (18th October) each CU hall group is running a Dial-a-Donut event – and it would be great if people could pray for it please! There has been some difficulty in getting permission to run it in some of the accommodation halls but, by the sounds of it, most halls are able to do it. So, please pray for the people asking questions and for us as we try to answer them!       

Please remember in your prayers those who have been bereaved and those who have on-going health problems and also John and Margaret Hetzel following John’s operation on Friday.  

Home Groups For the evening groups please contact your leaders for information.

The Friday group will be meeting at Pat Gasson’s.

Home group questions

Can the instructions for church leaders also be applied to leaders in other situations? What impact could this have?

  1. What might prompt people to ask us about ‘the reason for the hope that you have?’ How would we respond?
  2. How can we show humility in our interactions with each other as a church family?
  3. What causes you anxiety?
  4. What practical steps can we take to stand firm in our faith and resist the Devil’s attacks?
  5. How can we support the church family around the world?

As Ralph said last Sunday, it’s that time of the year when we think about Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  If you would like to make up a box there are some self-assembly boxes at the church and they are 40p each.  Once you have filled a box please return it to Fullbridge.