Welcome to this morning’s Service The service leader today is Phil Machin and the speaker is John Grayston

Please join us for tea and coffee in the back hall after the service.  Rob Bennett and Rob Lamb are responsible for teas and coffees this week.  Next week it will be Gavin Fuller and Carolyn Hammond.

A Prayer meeting is held every Sunday morning before the service in the upstairs youth room.  Everyone is invited to join us especially if you are involved in the service or with the children’s groups.  If you would like someone to pray with you after the service this morning Richard Little and Michael Chambers will be available.

Phil and Doreen Blowers would be grateful for your prayers as they lead the worship at Tollesbury Congregational Church today.

Thank-you for supporting… A huge thank-you to “Team Fullbridge” for the support and involvement in the Ladies’ Costa evening on Sunday and Thursday’s Vintage Christmas Fayre.  Nearly half of those who came on Sunday were guests to enjoy a relaxed evening and hear Michelle’s clear testimony.  On Thursday the passers-by were treated to some fantastic carol singing and we had the opportunity to engage with many families and individuals throughout the evening with our “photo board” which again proved very popular.

We pray now that seeds sown will be spiritually germinated!

Pepper, Mustard+ and Mustard Christmas Party 11th December at Church – Bring a friend.

Prayer request from Hannah Henderson Please bring to the Lord the work that is done at the drop-in centre at King’s Cross on Tuesday nights. Please pray that it may offer a few hours of respite, peace and refuge for many women on these cold, wet winter nights. Also, please ask God for His sovereign protection for me and all the volunteers inside and outside  the centre, that journeys are safe and free from danger. Finally that we may be shining lights for Jesus to the women, who so often are living in real darkness.

Please note that Market Hill will be closed all day today Sunday, 27th November.

Home Groups

Shirley’s group will be meeting at Shirley’s.

Andy and Rachel’s group will be meeting at Andy and Rachel’s.

Anne and Phil’s group will be meeting at Helen and Michael’s.

The Friday group will be meeting at Paul and Lucy’s.

Home group questions

1.A friend says to you, ‘I honestly don’t believe I can have a relationship with God, after what I have done.’ How would you use Romans 8 and some of the earlier studies on Romans to help them?

2.Can you identify times in your life when you have questioned your salvation? And times when you have been absolutely sure of it? How did you respond at the time? Looking again at Romans 8:1-17 in what ways might you want to respond differently?

3.How do we understand living by the Spirit? How do we find it in practice? Where have you seen the Spirit at work in yo9ur own life? How might we help one another to do it more effectively?

CAMEO on Monday 28th November  Please join us for our Christmas CAMEO from 2.00pm at Fullbridge.

Bank Holiday 2nd January New Year’s Day Walk.  Meet at the church ready to leave on foot at 10pm.  Join us for a pleasant countryside amble with a sit down and drink at Costa’s around about 11.30pm.  Please feel free to just come along and meet up at Costa’s.  For more information contact Rob Bennett.

Maldon Food Pantry  Just to remind you that there is a box in the entrance hall if you wish to put in gifts for the food pantry.

If you are interested in joining a group to sing in the Carol Service please speak to Rachel or turn up on Monday 5th December at the church at 7.30 pm.

Town Carol Service 4.30pm Sunday 11th December at United Reformed Church, Market Hill.

Sizewell Hall Ladies’ Winter Conference Friday 27th – Sunday 29th January 2017.  Those of us who went last year enjoyed the teaching and fellowship.  If you are interested in going in January please contact Rachel Mugford.