Fuse | Tomorrow!

“Fuse is about to launch, so let’s get into orbit.

Here are some important time check points for reference:

6pm Evening meal
7.30pm God’s story of salvation Talk1
9.15am Breakfast
10.30am Talk 2
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Fullbridge Olympics at Blackwater Leisure Centre
4pm Tea & scones
5pm Talk 3
6.30pm Fish & Chips
7.45pm Fullbridge Players present The Mystery at the Café Tres Bien…
10am Coffee before the service
10.30am Morning service including Talk 4
12.30pm Lunch

ALSO Car parking space at Church will be limited during the weekend and we are NOT allowed to park in front of the tile shop on Saturday while they are trading.

If you are able-bodied please use Tesco’s car park in order to leave the Church car park free for those people who find walking any distance difficult, for the visitors who are bringing equipment and the teams that are transporting food and ingredients for our meals.

On Saturday afternoon, a fish and chip van will be parked in the four car parking spaces in front of the Church so please allow access for this. Thank you.