Here is the news….

Welcome to this morning’s Service  The service leader today is Ross Power and the speaker is Andy Rackham.   Please join us for tea and coffee in the back hall after the service

A Prayer meeting is held every Sunday morning before the service in the upstairs youth room.  Everyone is invited to join us especially if you are involved in the service or with the children’s groups.

Sunday morning prayer rota  If you would like someone to pray with you after the service please have a word with one of the church Elders.

Tea and Coffee rota Carolyn Hammond and Gavin Fuller are responsible for teas and coffees this week.  Next week it will be Rob Bennett and Rob Lamb.

Magazine Rack there is a new copy of the BarnabasAid magazine in the rack.

Home Groups

The evening home groups will be meeting at Phil and Carol Machin’s home.

The Friday group will be meeting at John and Janet Weaver’s home.

Home group questions  For the next few weeks Matt Springett will be setting the questions and they will be emailed to people when the notices are sent out.  For those people who do not have access to email, they will be included with the printed copies on Sunday morning.

Service at Longfields this afternoon at 4.00.  If you are free please join us at Longfields Care Home.

Get up and keep running  ( An article by Rachel Dean issued by The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and provided by Simon Quelch)

The 2016 Rio Olympics closed last Sunday, bringing to an end to our best national performance since the games began and instilling a great sense of national pride. Our athletes have come home with 67 medals – 27 of which were gold. It’s a huge achievement for all those involved.

One of the greatest victories of these games has to be Mo Farah’s triumphant performance in the 10,000m. We all know he is a running force to be reckoned with, but what made this win even more incredible was that he fell mid race. Not a little stumble or a misstep, but face down on the track as the other runners carried on around him. It made for nerve-wracking viewing as his hopes of a medal seemed to drift away on the tropical breeze.

And yet, he got up and kept running, going on to win the gold!

No one likes trials or challenges: those things in life that sneak up from behind and trip us up or, sometimes, come right up and hit us in the face.

We don’t enjoy falling or failing. We fear others looking on, whispering to one another, ‘another one bites the dust’. But,just as training developed in Mo a perseverance, so that when it really needed to count he was hardwired to get up and keep running, and even win, so the Bible encourages us as Christians to do the same.

James 1:2 tells us to consider it ‘pure joy’ when we face trials, because this develops a perseverance in our faith like nothing else can. Such a determined faith helps us to be ‘mature and complete, not lacking anything’.

What James encourages is not easy, especially in our culture of ‘quick fixes’, but I do believe it’s worth it. In my own life, I can see that the very trials that made me fall and feel like I was biting the dust were the ones which (after struggling to get back up and keep running) have shaped me and brought me personal victories and breakthroughs I would not otherwise have seen.

Whether it’s a challenging  job, troublesome children or difficult patients, whatever trial you are in right now and however many times you fall, I’d encouraged you, with God’s help, to get up and keep running towards the one who will take you on to victory even greater than a gold medal.

Children’s groups

For the summer months Mustard, Mustard+ and Pepper will meet in the downstairs back hall for a joint session.

Mustard is an Early Years group.

Pepper and Mustard+  are our Infant and Junior groups, for up to secondary school age.

If you wish to use the church at any time please contact Valerie Lamb.

Maldon Food Bank If you would like to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of non-perishable food.

Notices  If you have any notices please let Sheila Little have them by Friday lunch time.