Fullbridge News 3 July 2016

Welcome to this morning’s All Age Service Today’s speaker and  service leader is Michael Chambers.  As we will be holding a bring and share lunch after the service, tea and coffee will be served at 10.30.

Tea and Coffee Rota   This  week Rob Bennett and Rob Lamb are responsible for tea and coffee and next week it will be Phil Rowden and Peter Lamb.

Sunday morning prayer rota If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Paul Gymer and Barbara Diaper will be available.

Open House this evening will be at Sarah and Richard’s at 7.00.

A Combined Communion and prayer meeting will be held at Fullbridge on Thursday at 7.45.  We look forward to seeing you there as it is important that we meet together to pray.

Home group venue

Friday group – Ken and Ellen’s.

 Essex Counties Support Group Report meeting Friday 8th July at 7.45 for 8.00 at Broomfield Road Church.  There will be reports from the Evangelists and  Guest Speaker Zoe Newby from Friends International Chelmsford.

The Church Directory is due for a refresh in July. Please let Rob Bennett know if you are aware of any additions, deletions or amendments.

Men’s BBQ – Tuesday 12 July  Ralph needs to know today if you will be at the bbq.  If there are any last minute bookings please contact Ralph direct by Wednesday 6th July.

Word Alive 2017   Don’t  forget that Sarah Reynolds needs to know today, together with a deposit of £50, if you would like to book a place at Word Alive.

Net curtains and lawn mower  One of the Job Club members has moved into a ground floor flat with a small garden.  If anyone has net curtains they no longer need (and redundant curtain rails) or a small mower, please let Andrew or Judy know.  Many thanks.

Fuse 14 -16 October  A great opportunity for Fullbridge to be together for a whole weekend, to learn more about the Bible, have fun and enjoy good food!

You should all have received your invitation by now but if you haven’t, don’t worry it’s on it’s way to you. Please remember to give your reply slip to Helen by 31st July or pop it in the box on the coffee counter at Church.

More details about Fuse can be found on the Church website where there’s a link for FAQ’s. There are also information sheets on the notice board in the back hall, so please help yourself. Alternatively have a chat to Helen. (858418 or email helen_chambers@me.com) 

In the Magazine rack there is a new edition of the Open Doors magazine.

Update from Gino I haven’t had any major problems. The people are very friendly indeed, possibly because I am British, but I also get the impression they are just (mostly) pleasant people.

The only major downside is the food – it’s very unhealthy indeed!

I am very thankful for the support I have received from everyone, the church and my own family. I actually feel that my brother and I have a better relationship since all of this has happened. I told him how the church has helped me and he seemed genuinely impressed. Maybe God is using this to slowly open up my family’s eyes to Christ.

I need to find a church to attend.   Unfortunately the one I thought I had found on Google didn’t appear to exist when I tried to find it.

I now have some more dates. I know that I will definitely be staying here until the 7th/8th of September. Then, due to visa restrictions, I will be returning home for two weeks.  The drug element of the trial will end in October, not September, and therefore  I will have to return for two more visits, one on the 23rd of September and the other on 3rd of October, so I will just book a cheap two week return for that.

After that, I will be expected to visit in approximately late December 2016, late March, June and December 2017, and finally, in June 2018. It’s a long trial but fortunately once I’m back completely in October I’ll be able to get a job and just come to the US for those visits.

I am very thankful to God for the peace he has given me, and also for how well I am doing considering the illness that I have.  From Gino


Sunday morning children’s activities

On the first Sunday of the month we all stay together in Church. On the remaining Sundays the children join the first part of the service, then go to separate parts of the building for their activities.

We have three groups:

Mustard: an Early Years group, who meet upstairs.

Pepper and Mustard+  Infant and Junior groups, for up to secondary school age, who meet downstairs in the back hall.

Salt: a group for School Years 7 to 11, upstairs in the Youth Room on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

If you wish to use the church at any time please contact Valerie Lamb.

Maldon Food Bank If you would like to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of non-perishable food.

Notices  If you have any items for the notices please let Sheila Little have them by Friday lunch time