Sunday’s News

Welcome to this morning’s service  the speaker is Gwyn Jordan and the service leader is Paul Gymer.  Please join us for a cup of tea or coffee in the back room after the service.

Tea and Coffee Rota  Ann Frost and Rob Lamb are responsible for teas and coffees today.

Sunday Morning prayer rota  If you would like prayer after the service Anne and Philip Reeve will be pleased to pray with you.

Paul Gymer would be grateful for your prayers as he takes the service this evening at Broomfield Road Evangelical Church.

Home group venues

Wednesday group – Rachel and Andy’s

Anne and Phil’s group – Anne and Phil’s.

Shirley’s group – Richard and Sarah’s.

Friday group – Lucy and Paul’s.

Home Group questions

  1. Is lying, including so-called white lies, ever justified?
    2. Why does God choose to use sinful men and women?
    3. Why does the Bible describe David as “a man after God’s        own heart?”
    4. Why is the OT important for NT believers?
    5. Is the Sermon on the Mount contradictory to the law of the OT?

Othona 19th June   Please pay today by putting your £10 per adult into an envelope with your name and “Othona” on it.  If you have any empty 2 litre bottles please bring them on the day.  Car sharing and directions are being organised by home group co-ordinators.  Thank-you.

Recycling  With the new system across the District, please note that the box in the kitchen is now for paper, card, plastics, tins and juice cartons.  This is emptied into the pink bags and these in turn go into the blue wheelie bin.  Glass is still put in the “Glass” box” and rubbish in the black sacks that now go into the grey   wheelie.  Your co-operation in this is much appreciated.  Andrew (i/c rubbish @ Fullbridge)!

 Outing to Beth Chatto gardens  There are still spaces if you would like to join us on the 18th July for a trip to the lovely Beth Chatto gardens and tearoom.  See Andrew about this as soon as possible.


The June Missionary offering amounted to £585 which has been rounded up and £400 has been sent to Tim and Jenny Gooding and £400 to Operation Brotherly Love.

Gift for Kings Cross Outreach As part of Hannah Henderson’s degree course, she has been working with a London City Mission street missionary who reaches out to women in the Kings Cross area of London. We are sending them a gift of £100 to replace a stolen ‘pamper kit’.  This has and can be again used to provide a ‘Mini Spa’ experience for the women on Tuesday evenings.  It includes a shoulder massage from one of the Chinese students, a hand and arm massage and a manicure and nail polish session from the rest of us.  Hannah says that “the women love this and we are able to have some great conversations, reading from the Bible, praying and generally sharing God’s love for each of the ‘customers’ whilst providing this ‘service’.”

Please pray that this will continue to bless these women and show in a practical way God’s love for them.

 Hannah has emailed to say WOW!!! Thank you SO much Fullbridge.  I am really very grateful.  The women will be so thrilled to be able to have this “service” back.  We have always found these quiet relaxed one-to-one times really useful and often times when the women open up a bit more to us.  With love Hannah.


Madon Food Bank If you would like to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of non-perishable food.

Notices  If you have any items for the notices please let Sheila Little have them by Friday lunch time.

Sunday morning children’s activities

On the first Sunday of the month we all stay together in Church. On the remaining Sundays the children join the first part of the service, then go to separate parts of the building for their activities.

We have three groups:

Mustard: an Early Years group, who meet upstairs.

Pepper and Mustard+  Infant and Junior groups, for up to secondary school age, who meet downstairs in the back hall.

Salt: a group for School Years 7 to 11, upstairs in the Youth Room on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

If you wish to use the church at any time please contact Valerie Lamb.