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Welcome to this morning’s service Our speaker today is Eric Blowes.   Please join us for tea and coffee in the back room after the service.

Sunday morning prayer meeting A prayer meeting, to which all are invited, is held at 10:10 am. Do join us in the Youth room upstairs as we prepare for the service in this very important way.

Coffee rota Richard and Shirley Hornett and responsible for tea and coffee this morning and next week it will be Rob Bennett and Rob Lamb.

Prayer If you would like prayer after the service Paul Gymer and Barbara Diaper will be available.

 Open House this evening will be at Ralph and Gilly’s.
Update on John John has been in Guayaquil in the south of Equador since Saturday, 23rd April and has been very busy buying generators, buckets and nails, to name a few of the varied items, and unloading planes onto waiting lorries, distributing aid to the outlying needy areas. As usual, the days are long starting around 6 am and finishing at 8pm.

He also had to get $60,000 dollars cash out and so, to cut a long story short, after 4 days of waiting for the cash to be released and numerous trips to the bank, things were getting really desperate and time was running out. John and a couple of co-workers were in the bank again, now the 4th day, being told the money was still not ready. It was 3.57pm and the bank closed at 4pm and it was really critical that they got the funds that day. They realised they hadn’t prayed, so they got together and did just that, in the bank and as they were saying ‘amen’ the cashier shouted the money was released and they were able to take it and get back to base safely with a police guard. Talk about cutting it fine, but God had that situation under control and it was an amazing answer to prayer.

Thursday morning he was told he would be moving to the town where the field hospital had been set-up in Chone, which was a 4.5 hour drive away, with the threat of landslides and hijackers, plus the awful driving he has come to expect!!!  He arrived safely at around 6pm with no idea of what he’d be doing or where he’d be sleeping. He found himself in a tent with lots of other workers, assigned to a bottom bunk bed with hardly enough room to turn over and no sleeping bag. Fortunately it’s very hot, so he should be warm enough!!

On Friday morning he was told he would be going out into the countryside to access people’s needs and then on Saturday he starts trips to distribute aid, such as hygiene kits, tarpaulins etc.
Please pray he that he will keep well and his energy levels remain high and, as it’s very hot and sleeping conditions aren’t great, pray for deep, refreshing sleep.

He’d love to receive an email and values your prayers immensely, so thank you very much for the support so far.

Fellowship Meeting   The fellowship meeting starts at 4pm next Sunday. Please bring food to share after the meeting. The deacons will be pleased to set up, make drinks and wash up for you.

Please join us as we look at current and future activities that we are involved in as a church here at Fullbridge.  All are welcome – no membership cards are required!! Child care will provided.

Agenda for fellowship meeting

  1. Acceptance of the minutes from the last meeting
  2. Matters arising
  3. Accounts (Malcolm)
  4. Vision and Values    (Matt)
  5. Outline of the teaching programme   (Paul)
  6. Prayer at Fullbridge:  Prayer breakfast   (Matt)
  7. Welcome meal for newcomers to Fullbridge  (Andrew)
  8. Open House   (Simon)
  9. SP Lighthouse  (Ralph)
  10. Our approach to Disaster Relief   (Michael)
  11. How the elders work   (Matt)
  12.  Update on events coming up:
  • Othona Day  (Andrew)
  • Weekend-away-at-home  (Paul)
  • Open Floor

“Open Floor and feedback” suggestions that can be raised if people feel that they would be helpful.  Any such suggestions can be briefly discussed at the meeting and elders and/or deacons take the suggestions on from there.

  1. Date of next meeting:

5:30pm-ish  Fellowship Tea (Bring and share)

Prayer Breakfast at Fullbridge Sunday 22nd May at 8.30

Please put your name on the notice which will be displayed in the back hall if you plan to be at the breakfast. Also, please let us know if you have any dietary needs.   This information will help those looking after and preparing this event.

To entice you to attend we will be offering cereal, toast, egg, bacon, sausages and beans etc, for you to enjoy.

We will also be requiring willing helpers for setting up, shopping, cooking and clearing up. If you could help in one of these areas please speak to either Ann or Val.

Essex County Support Group prayer breakfast next Saturday 7th May at 8.30am at West Thurrock Chapel, 562 London Road, Grays, RM20 3BJ, with a time of sharing and fellowship with the evangelists.

Church event at Othona Church – June 19   The poster for the event is in the rear hall.  Homegroup co-ordinators will be confirming places and arranging any shared transport.  We have the use of St Peter’s chapel for our service and the use of the Othona Centre for the rest of the day. There will be no service at Fullbridge that morning.

Magazine Rack there are new copies of the Open Doors and Barnabas Aid magazines in the rack.

We will be continuing the series “6 Steps to loving your church at the following homes.

Anne and Phil’s group – Kate and Gavin’s

Rachel and Andy’s group – Ralph and Gilly’s

Shirley’s group – Shirley’s home.

Friday Group – Lucy and Paul’s

Pentecost Service, 15 May

On Sunday May 15th, there will be a shortened communion-only service at 10.30 at Fullbridge. This will allow folks to get to the open air service at the amphitheatre in the Prom Park.  There will no be Salt, Pepper or Mustard on that morning.  The benches at the prom are not the most comfortable – so a cushion or your own garden-type chair might be a good idea.

This year our united church service  celebrating the birth of the church at Pentecost will have a wider range of activities before the service which will seek to draw in others in the park.  The service itself will hopefully appeal to them as well as members of the different churches in the town.  The short message will be evangelistic.

 Pre- service activities will begin from 11:30am in the amphitheatre – children’s craft activities, face painting, and some puppetry.

The service will run from 12–1.00pm.

In order to do this we need help from volunteers for the following:-

Set up:  meeting at 9am at the Prom amphitheatre to put up some gazebos and help with the PA etc.

Face painting: – paints and pictures of “faces” provided

Helpers to blow up helium balloons: -a little fiddly but very popular.  Helium gas being provided, so no blowing up needed!

Please let Andy know if you can help.

After the service, it would be great if you could stay as we are encouraging people from the churches to have a packed lunch at the Prom.

Alongside these practical needs, please pray for the event – that what is being prepared and what happens on the day will bring glory to God as happened on the first Pentecost. Also pray for good weather as the service is weather dependant.
OCC Regional Manager Vacancy London and South East England
Full time £27,000-£28,000 home based vacancy working with OCC.  This position will lead and direct the Volunteer Area Teams.

Further information and application form can be found on their website at

Closing date is 16th May 2016.

Monday 18th July We have booked a 53 seater coach for Monday 18 July to Beth Chatto Gardens picking up at 1:45 and leaving at 4:30/45 .  If you are free on that day please come and join us. For further details contact Andy Mugford.

Sunday morning children’s activities

On the first Sunday of the month we all stay together in Church. On the remaining Sundays the children join the first part of the service, then go to separate parts of the building for their activities.

We have three groups:

Mustard: an Early Years group, who meet upstairs.

Pepper and Mustard+  Infant and Junior groups, for up to secondary school age, who meet downstairs in the back hall.

Salt: a group for School Years 7 to 11, upstairs in the Youth Room on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

Use of Fullbridge If you wish to use the church at any time please contact Val Lamb. It is important that you contact Val and not just assume the church is free as the building is used for various activities during the week.

Please get any notices to Sheila by Friday lunchtime.