Tidy up

A little tidy up on the web site – including:

  • The ‘Videos and photos’ pages have been archived – soon to be replaced by a revamped You Tube channel
  • The ‘People’ pages have been archived – all information from the friends we support around the world will be added to the Blog pages
  • The site content and menu structure has been simplified – lots of information now grouped under ‘About Us’
  • Static pages reduced and more information to be posted via Blog pages

Work in progress:

  • Revamped You Tube channel
  • Revamped Twitter feed
  • Revamped FaceBook page
  • New toddlers group info to replace existing ‘Tiddlers’ information
  • Child Protection information to be updated
  • Home Group information to be updated
  • Sunday Rota information to be updated

Keep checking the site for updates!