This week’s news

Welcome to this morning’s service The speaker today is Paul Williams and the service leader is Jack Chambers. Tea and coffee will be served after the service. Next Sunday morning there will be a communion service only which will be led by Simon Quelch. There will be no children’s groups. Our Carol Service next week will be at 4.30pm. Could the children who are taking part please be at the church at 4.00pm in order to dress up etc.

Sunday morning prayer meeting A prayer meeting, to which all are invited, is held at 10:10 am. Do join us in the Youth room upstairs as we prepare in this important way together.

Coffee rota Ann Frost and Gavin Fuller are responsible for coffees and teas today and next week it will be Richard and Shirley Hornett.

Prayer If you would like someone to pray with you after the service someone will be available.

Phil and Doreen would appreciate your prayers as they lead a short carol service for senior citizens this afternoon at Capel St. Mary.

They are also at the Stroke Club on Thursday when they will be leading some carols.

Andy Mugford would also appreciate your prayers as he takes the service at Suffolk Road Church Sudbury this morning.

Moving help needed Hannah Henderson is moving into college accommodation and would really appreciate help moving furniture on Tuesday 29 December. Loading at this end and/or unloading at the college end will be needed. If you are able to help please let Judy know as she is co-ordinating willing volunteers.

The December Missionary Offering for Arise Ministries amounted to £618.01 and this will be rounded up to £1,000.

Misionary giving list The Elders have amended the 2016 Missionary giving list. A copy of this can be found on the notice board in the back hall.

Home Groups Shirley’s group will be meeting at 7.00pm at Richard and Sarah’s for their Christmas Social evening.

The Friday home group will be meeting at Beryl’s.

For the other groups please contact your home group co-ordinators.

Home Group questions

Romans 4:1-12

Look at the narratives about Abraham in Gen 15 and 17-18.

1.How do you see Abraham demonstrating his faith in those passages?

2.If you had only Abraham’s example in this chapter to go by, how would you define the word faith?

3.How could you use verses 5-8 to offer encouragement to a Christian brother who was afraid of losing his salvation because of a sin he had recently committed?

4.From what you see in this chapter, what are the most important ways in which Christians today are like Abraham? What are the most important ways in which we are different from him?

5.Other New Testament passages focus on Abraham, notably Acts 7:2-8; Galatians 3:6-18; Hebrews 11:8-19 and James 2:14-26. Review the main points made in these passages, and compare them with what Paul says here in Rom 4.

6.How do you see these passages as either conflicting, or complementary?

7.How can we answer those who today are relying on their “works”, or on what was done to them as babies (in ‘christening’) for salvation?

Town Carol service this afternoon, 13 December, 4:30 at the URC, Market Hill Ralph will be taking part in the service as the offering will be going towards the work of Samaritan’s Purse with the Syrian refugees.

Also this afternoon We will be delivering Christmas invitations to Heybridge Approach estate. The time has changed to 2.30 – 4.00pm so that people can go the Town Carol Service if they wish.

Guardians of Ancora Christmas game
This free children’s downloadable game that is for 7 to 11s (publicised last Sunday and produced by Scripture Union) have brought out a free Christmas edition.  Please do share with your children, your grandchildren and neighbours. We want to spread the word about Jesus and this great Guardians of Ancora game is an accessible way to do so.
Alternative Christmas Card A card has been put on the notice board in the back hall for anyone who would like to write their Christmas wishes to the fellowship. There will be a pot for donations. This money will be passed onto a charity in the New Year. In the past we have given it to Samaritan’s Purse and to the school that Bee and Ross are involved with for the purchase of books.

Carol singing at Maldon Fire Station on Thursday 17th December. We will be meeting at the Fire Station at 2.00 ready to start at 2.30. This will be a great outreach opportunity – so please join us if you can.

Saturday 19th December Maldon’s Big and Little Sing and on 20th December Big Sing Gospel Choir and from The Heart Gospel Choir. Both events will be held at Quest’s Showroom in Maldon. Doors open at 6.30 for 7.00. Tickets £8/£6. The box office number is 01276 512292. Further details are on the notice board in the back hall.