Our news

Welcome to this morning’s service the speaker today is John Grayston and the service leader is Andy Mugford.

 A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

Coffee rota Richard and Shirley Hornett are responsible for teas and coffees today. Next week it will be Simon and Judy Quelch.

Prayer If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Andy and Rachel Mugford will be available.

Danbury Mission is hosting  ‘Handel’s Messiah’ on the 12th December at 7pm. To book a ticket please contact Jo Dobson on 01245 227428.

Magazine Rack We have a new issue of the Open Doors magazine.

Home Groups

Shirley’s group will be meeting at Ali’s.

The Friday group will be meeting at John and Janet’s.

For the other groups please contact your home group leaders.

Home Group questions

1.How would we define sin? How do people in our world think of sin? How would you respond to someone who said, ‘I’m not a sinner; I’ve never murdered anyone, committed adultery or stolen anything? What evidence of sin do we see in our world?

2.Where do we see a sense of superiority today? How should we respond?

3.What might the way we think, talk, worship and witness say about the value that we place on Scripture? Would Paul’s approach work today? If not, what are the alternatives?

Proposed purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator for Fullbridge Church When someone has a sudden cardiac arrest their heart is no longer pumping blood around their body. According to the British Heart Foundation, “After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation reduces the chance of survival by 10 per cent.” An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator can be used to administer a lifesaving electric shock that restores the heart’s rhythm to normal. AEDs are designed to allow non-medical personnel to save lives.  Defibrillation is the only treatment proven to restore a normal heart rhythm.

The Elders and Deacons propose that the Fellowship should buy an AED to be kept at the church. The cost is approximately £1100. If anyone is against this purchase please speak to one of the deacons before the 15th November.


Essex Counties Support Group – Report meeting Friday 13th November at BREC. 7.45 for 8.00pm. Please come along and hear reports from the Essex Evangelists, including Andy and Rachel.

Make and Sew Group During 2015 the small but select group of regular ladies at the Make & Sew group have been busy knitting and sewing during the year.  Producing the following -67 woollen hats, 14 little dresses and 39 bags which will all go into shoeboxes for OCC.  We have also sold a number of items at the Maeldune Heritage Centre totalling £55 which has also been donated to OCC purchases.  This enabled us to buy 75 toothbrushes, 30 toothpastes, 30 soaps and 10 multipacks of sweets.
Risk Assessments Richard Reynolds would like to remind people that if you are a leader of a group you must complete a risk assessment once a year. Also, if you are having a church Christmas Event or a home group social event it is church’s policy that risk assessments must be completed.

Gifts The elders would like the church to know that a gift of £800 has been made to Ralph as support for the time he spent recently as a Samaritan’s Purse DART volunteer in Macedonia. Similar gifts were made to John and Ralph in respect of the time spent earlier in the year in Nepal.

Jean Marc  Please continue to pray that a bed will become available at St. Peter’s Hospital.


Thursday 26th November – “Maldon Vintage Christmas Fayre”. Carol Singing, giving out chocolates and Christmas invitations and a special photo opportunity for all!! Join us as we seek to put Christ back into Christmas here in Maldon. More details to follow.

Sunday 22nd November – Men’s Sports Quiz at Costa Coffee in Maldon at 7pm. Please see fliers and pray for and promote this event.


Student ministry workshop and celebration –  Chelmsford on 28th November. The vision of the day is to equip and encourage Christians to reach out to students – both home and international. This could be at church, on campus, in homes, anywhere! The speaker will be a very experienced Friends International Staff Worker, and the day will include a free lunch, prayer and praise time and some dancing! Details are on the notice board in the rear hall.

Friends International in Chelmsford have a fortnightly international cafe on campus (if you are interested, please speak to Simon) and various other events for students throughout the year that are hosted by different churches. Maybe a church would like to invite students for a country walk followed by dinner in a family home? Or maybe some families in a church would like to host some international students for Christmas lunch? There are certainly ways!

Monday 7th December 7.30 We will be singing carols again this year with the people at Embassy Court. We have a great time and if you would like to join us, you don’t have to be a great singer, please let Rachel Mugford know.

Sunday 13th December – Delivery of Christmas invitations to Heybridge Approach estate 4-6pm.

If you have any notices please let Sheila Little have them by Friday lunch time at the latest.