Welcome to this morning’s service The speaker is Michael Chambers and the service leader is Andy Mugford. Tea and coffee will be served in the back hall after the service.

A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

Prayer If you would like to pray with someone after the service Richard Little and Michael Chambers will be available.

Tea and Coffee Rota – Today Julian Gore and Carolyn Hammond are responsible for tea and coffee. Next week there will be no tea or coffee after the service.   If you swap with someone can you please let Sheila Little know so that the correct person can be included in the notices.

Security Rota   Paul Gymer is responsible for locking up today and next week it will be John Weavers.

Phil and Doreen Blowers would be grateful for your prayers as they lead the worship at Howe Green URC on Sunday morning.

Home Groups will be meeting this week at the following homes.Shirley’s group will be meeting at Richard and Sheila’s.

The Friday group will be meeting at Eric and Moya’s.

Anne and Phil’s group – please contact Anne and Phil for details.

Philippa and Jeremy’s group will be meeting at Ralph and Gill’s

A message from Debbie Simon and I would like to announce our engagement last weekend. We would love you all to be at the wedding ceremony (in Maldon) on Saturday 24th October, so please keep the date free

The home-group questions

Read: Romans 12 v 9-21


1: What would adopting these verses as your personal manifesto for the society you live and work (if applicable) in really mean?

2: What do you understand by the statement:

As Christians we have dual citizenship:

Jeremiah 29 v7 tells us that we are ‘citizens of the world’


Philippians 1 v 27 tells us to live as ‘citizens of heaven’.

3: Jesus didn’t play it safe he engaged with all aspects of society from religious authorities, political leaders, tax collectors, trades people, servants, the sick, the elderly, prostitutes, business leaders, children, mothers, fathers and grandparents. Do we play it safe and only engage with some sections of society?

Daytime Alpha starts on Tuesday from 12.00 – 2.00 with a light lunch and will be held at Rachel and Andy’s home. If you plan to be there can you let Rachel or Andy know

Church Weekend Away 26th – 28th June The church weekend away is approaching fast. Don’t forget to put your name on the list in the back hall if you plan to be there.

Nepal Update During the week there was another major earthquake in Nepal. Please continue to pray for the Nepalese and for the aid agency workers.

Pentecost Celebration at the Prom, Sunday 24th May

Next Sunday we are joining with Christians across the town to celebrate the birth of the church.  Please join us for the 12-1pm service and bring a packed lunch to eat after the service.  There will be a short communion service at Fullbridge next Sunday starting at 10.30. From 11:30 there will be face-painting at the prom to draw in the families – volunteers are needed to help with this.  Please let Andrew know if you can help. There will be no Salt, Pepper or Mustard next Sunday

Maldon Food Bank If you wish to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of non-perishable food.

Children and Young People’s Groups on Sunday mornings.

On the first Sunday of the month we all stay together in Church. On the remaining Sundays the children join the first part of the service, then go to separate parts of the building for their activities. We have three groups:

Mustard: an Early Years group, with crèche, downstairs in                   the Back Hall.

Pepper: a Junior group, for up to secondary school age, upstairs in the Green Room.

Salt: a group for School Years 7 to 11, upstairs in the Youth Room on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.










If you wish to use the church at any time please check with the deacons first to make sure this is ok and then contact Sheila Little to book the date.



If you borrow anything from the church please make a note on the list in the back hall and also note when it is returned.