News | Colin and Rosemary in Dublin

Dear Praying Friends in Fullbridge:

Once again many thanks for your continued prayerful interest, as we seek to serve the Lord here in Dublin. We trust there is much to encourage you through the work of Fullbridge.

In recent weeks Rosemary has been troubled by cellulitis, and the doctor seems to have it in hand. We have a holiday booked over the Easter period in the sun, and the doctor has confirmed that Rosemary is able to travel. We pray this little break will do us both good.

The ‘Bible Explorer’ lessons have continued going well during the last ½ of term. 2 weeks ago on the last day Colin was in a particular School he had a surprise. 2 large cakes were brought into the Staff Room at morning break by the Principal and Secretary. They said the cakes were in my honour, as I had just completed 10 years of teaching in that School. During the rest of that break and at lunchtime different teachers remembered the times I had taught in their class. On Thursday past, the Principal in the class in front of the children after he had watched them put all the handsigns together for the New Testament, thanked Colin for bringing the Bible close to us. In a Shopping Centre this week, the assistant at the cash register, asked if I still taught ‘Bible Explorer’. I told her I did, and asked where I taught her. When she said the School, I told her I will be teaching in that School after Easter. She told me it was 2006 when I taught her. I asked did she still remember things, and she said yes. After Easter Colin will have 11 classes per week as he teaches ‘Bible Explorer’.

It has been an encouragement to Rosemary and myself, and within the Assembly when our son Stephen said he was interested in visiting homes in the locality of the Assembly where people have said no to the Gospel magazine. He has found on his visits, a number of people who said no previously, freely accepted literature from him. In a few weeks time the Assembly will be taking 1000 copies of the 2015 edition of the ‘4you’ magazine to distribute it into some estates locally.

Please continue to remember the work among the ladies in which Rosemary is involved. A few of the ladies from the Assembly help in the monthly Coffee Hour and monthly bible study. There is much to encourage in the ladies bible study up in our area.

Once again many thanks for your continued prayerful interest.

Yours in Him,

Colin & Rosemary.