Welcome to this morning’s service Ross Power is the service leader and the speaker is Peter Charlesworth.   Tea and coffee will be served after the service.

A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

Prayer  If you would like to pray with someone after the service someone will be available.  

Tea and Coffee Rota – Today Rob Lamb and Ali Rowden are responsible for tea and coffee. Next week it will be Richard and Shirley Hornett. If you swap with someone can you please let Sheila Little know so that the correct person can be included in the notices.

Phil and Doreen Blowers would be grateful for your prayers as they lead the worship at Danbury URC this morning.

Security Rota   Helen Chambers is responsible for locking up today and next week it will be Richard Reynolds.

Sunday 19th April 7.00pm This evening Hannah Mugford will be giving a report on her work with YWAM. Afterwards there will be “nibbles”. Please come along to support Hannah. I am sure it will be a very interesting and challenging evening.

Home Groups

Shirley’s group will be meeting at Richard and Sarah’s.

The Friday group will be meeting at Paul and Lucy’s.

Anne and Phil’s group will be meeting at Phil and Carol’s.

Philippa and Jeremy’s group will be meeting at Andy and Rachel’s.

Home Group questions

On Sunday we talked a little about friendships with others who don’t believe in Jesus, and our relationships with them: –

1.Do you think that your friends should predominantly be Christians? Why?

2.When was the last time that someone who didn’t share your faith taught you something about Christ?

3.What would it look like if we truly believed that Christ worked in all things and through everyone? Would this add extra value to each conversation and encounter we have?

From time to time we can get into the habit of thinking that we’re not being, doing, saying and acting in the correct way that a ‘Christian’ should: –

4. What should a Christian’s lifestyle look like to you?

5. What does ‘Worship’ mean to you and how do you express it through your own hobbies and pastimes? Are there activities that you’ve stopped doing because of your faith? If so, why?

Emergency Contact Details for Mustard & Pepper Groups.

Further to the emails that you have received this week, Andy and I are currently up dating emergency contact and health details to comply with the new Child Protection Policy. These details are required for all members of Mustard and Pepper, including the adults who run the sessions.If you haven’t already sent or given me the relevant up to date details I will be available on Sunday, after Church, in the back hall to receive them! Many thanks. Helen

New Telephone number for Simon and Judy 01621 332521

Tiddlers on Friday mornings If you can spare an hour to help serve teas and coffees on Friday mornings (doesn’t have to be every Friday) Richard and Sheila would be very grateful. Please contact them if you can help.

Missionary offering for April The offering amounted to £717.83 and has been rounded up to £800. £400 has been sent to Margaret Davis and £400 to Colin and Rosemary Sheldon.

Other offerings for January to March 2015 Simon and Judy – Income £510 – Expenditure £900 Andy and Rachel – Income £1570 – Expenditure £3,600. Total Missionary offering from January to March – income £1466.50 – Expenditure £2200.

Plume Sixth Form Assembly Andy Mugford would be grateful for your prayers as he takes the Sixth Form Assembly at the Plume on Thursday 23rd April at 1.20.

Television available If you know of anyone who would like a television please have a word with Simon and Judy.    

Saturday 2nd May Val will be holding her annual art evening

Saturday 9th May We will be holding a Counties Prayer breakfast at Fullbridge. 

Saturday 16th May Men’s prayer breakfast 8.30pm at Fullbridge.

Church Weekend Away 26th – 28th June at Red House Farm, Earl Stonham. If you want further information there are some leaflets available. If you plan to be there please put your name on the list in the back hall.

Maldon Food Bank If you wish to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of non-perishable food