This weekend! Weekend Away at Home – programme

Fullbridge Church  

Weekend Away at Home

September 19th to 21st 2014

“Christians Are Human” 

 Victor Jack | Peter Charlesworth | Arise Ministries

Friday 19th

6.30-7.30p.m.                        Dinner

7.45-9.00p.m.                        Session 1 –            Prayer and praise, followed by:

Teaching – Anger and resentment followed by Question and Answer session


Saturday 20th

8.30-9.15a.m.                      Breakfast

9.30-10.45a.m.            Session 2 –            Musical praise, followed by:

Teaching – Forgiveness and reconciliation followed by Question and Answer session

11.00-11.30a.m.            Coffee break

11.30-12.15a.m.            Illustrated Talk on Israel

12.45-1.45p.m.            Lunch


3.00-5.00p.m.                        Activity (or Inactivity!) Time for everyone at Heybridge Basin, including Treasure Hunt (meet at St George’s Field at 2.30pm) [Activities at Fullbridge if wet]

5.00-6.00p.m.                        Tea+biscuits

6.00-7.00p.m.                        Hog-roast & more

7.00-8.30p.m.                        Fullbridge Variety Show

8.30 pm                        Hot chocolate


Sunday 21st

10.00-10.15a.m.            Prayer (as usual)

10.30a.m.-12.00p.m.            Normal Sunday service including communion and Elowen’s dedication, and

Session 3 – Discouragement and despair

12.45-1.45p.m.            Bring & Share Lunch