This weeks notices

Paul Gymer and the service leader is Terry Frost.

A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

Prayer If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Paul Gymer and Barbara Diaper will be available.

Coffee rota during Summer HolidaysAs we are now in the School Summer Holidays those people named on the coffee rota may not be available to serve the Fellowship with refreshments before or after a Service. If there appears to be a need for people to step in to help please do not be shy in offering to help.

Children’s groups during the summer holidays Starting this week and for the rest of the summer holiday, except for Family services when everyone is together, Pepper and Mustard will meet as one group in the back hall.We will re-start our normal groups on the 14th September.   

Brewster House We are responsible for the service at Brewster House this afternoon. It would be great if a few more people could join us to help boost the numbers. The service starts at 4.00 and only lasts for a maximum of half an hour. They really appreciate seeing us as it is a break from their normal routine and they love to sing the hymns and chat with us afterwards.

Hannah Muford Please continue to pray for safety for Hannah who is in South Korea at the moment.

House GroupsAnne and Philip’s group/Shirley’s groups will meet at Shirley ‘s.

Philippa and Jeremy’s group will meet at Michael and Helen’s.

The Friday group will meet at Lucy and Paul’s.

Home Group Questions

1 Corinthians 1.17-2.16

1. How do you relate 1.21 ‘to save those who believe’ with 1.24 ‘those whom God has called?’ Are my choosing to believe and God’s calling compatible?

2. What does Paul mean when he says ‘God destined it for our glory before time began’ (2.7)? (likewise Rom.8.18, in contrast with Phil.1.11 & Eph.1.12)

3. Paul talks about preaching in ‘weakness, fear and much trembling’ (2.3). Does this characterise preachers we hear today? Do you think it characterised the great campaign preachers of the last century?

4. Understanding the gospel is not just a theoretical exercise. If you have time reflect on its practical consequences which Paul writes about from chapter 3 onwards – on the way we relate to an unbelieving world, on the way we relate to one another in the church, on the way men and women relate to one another.

Weekend away at home Just to remind that, if you haven’t already done so, please put the 20th – 22nd September in your diary as these are the dates for our Weekend Away at Home. The programme will be available soon. There will also be a grid on the notice board for signing up to meals, activities and jobs.

Maldon Food Bank If you wish to contribute there is a box in the entrance hall for donations of food.