This week’s notices

Welcome to this morning’s service The service leader is Paul Gymer and Michael Chambers is the speaker today. Tea and coffee will be served in the back hall after the service.


Hannah Henderson This afternoon at 4.30 Hannah will be talking about, and showing pictures of, her recent trip to Brazil. This will be followed by a bring and share tea.

A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend. PrayerIf you would like someone to pray with you after the service Ross and Bertie Power will be available.


Advance notice On Sunday 29th June, due to the fact that most of the church will be away at Earl Stonham, there will be no children’s groups at Fullbridge.


The home groups will be meeting at the following homes

Anne and Phil’s group – please contact Anne and Phil for details.

Jeremy and Philippa’s group at Gavin and Kate’s.

Shirley’s group at Hannah’s.

Friday group at Eric and Moya’s.




Noel and Liza McMeekinIf you would like an update on Noel and Liza’s work in Ireland copies of their latest newsletter are available. Please have a word with Ann Frost if you would like one. Family Service 6th July – the dedication of Miriam Springett will take place during our next family service. Miriam and her family would love as many of you as possible to be there in order to join with them on this happy occasion. The Youth meeting at the Methodist Church which is held on Wednesday evenings is in need of helpers either on a regular or rota basis. If you are interested please have a word with Andy Mugford. Save Maldon Campaign  If you would like to sign the petition it is not too late. Please see Andy Mugford or Ralph Springett as soon as possible!

At the prayer meeting on Thursday 5th June we prayed for Fullbridge’s children and young people. Some of us committed to praying regularly for a child or a grown up who helps with the work.At the end of the evening there were 5 names left.If you would like to commit to praying for one of them, please see Helen Chambers.

 CAP Course Don’t forget to speak to Sarah Reynolds or Phil Reeve if you are interested in signing up for the CAP (Christians against poverty) Course. The dates are 16th June, 7th July and 14th July.