This weeks news

Welcome to this morning’s service The service leader is Richard Little and the speaker is Paul Gymer. Tea and coffee will be served in the back hall after the service.

A prayer meeting to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from approx 10.00 am -10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

How to interpret the Bible – the next in Simon’s interesting series will be this evening at 7.00pm.

The Home groups will be meeting at the following homes

Shirley’s Group will be meeting at Richard and Shirley’s.

Philip and Anne’s group will meet at Louise and John’s.

The Friday group – contact Valerie or Peter for details.

Jeremy and Philippa’s group will meet at Richard and Sarah’s.

Home group questions John 5 1-15

1. John does not explicitly call this miracle a sign, but most commentators regard all the miracles in this gospel as signs. What does this miracle reveal to us about Jesus? (hint: John 20.30-31 may help explain the overall purpose of the miracles)

2. Jesus never says in John’s gospel ‘Your faith has saved you,’ as he does in Luke 7.50 or 8.48. How much faith did the man in this story have?

3. Notice that Jesus did not say in v.14 ‘Try not to sin so much’, but ‘Stop sinning’. Is this really possible? What was the ‘something worse’? (hint: Matt.18.8-9 may suggest something worse than serious illness or disablement)

4. Are we as ready to pray that people we know might be healed of their sin, as that they might be healed of their illnesses?

Alpha– we plan to run another Alpha starting Wednesday 23 April at 7pm. Please pray for those who could join this group. If you would like to come with the friend you invite, so that they feel more comfortable, please do so! Let Andrew or Rachel know over the next few weeks

CTiM Good Friday Passion and Procession of witness

9am Tea and Coffee at Catholic Church Hall.

9.30am Reading of the Passion.

10am Procession starts at Catholic Church in Victoria Road and goes to All Saints with short service in High Street churchyard.

Churches Together in Maldon Easter Dawn Service will be held on Sunday 20th April at 5.45 am in the Prom Park. Further details are on the notice board in the back hall. Ross and BertiePlease continue to pray for Ross and Bertie while they are away in Zambia.

Brazil As most of you know, next month Hannah Henderson is planning a trip to Juiz De Fora in Brazil. After asking for advice from Simon and Judy, she would like to take the following items with her. If you feel you can help please let Hannah know so that there is no duplication.

1. Good quality single bed fleece blankets are needed for all of Eliangela’s children (there are 9). She would like to take these for the youngest four, twin girls Myrella and Myllena aged 2, Thais 4 and Meiry 10 and hopes to buy the remaining 5 youngsters blankets when she is in Brazil.

2. Donations towards some good quality English Literature for Wedrey, a family friend of Simon and Judy’s, who lives in Carangola.

3. Quality second hand clothes to take with her to give to Eliangela to sell to neighbours within the favela.

The April Missionary offering amounted to £617.50 which has been rounded up to £800. £400 has been sent to Margaret Davis in France and £400 to Colin and Rosemary Sheldon in Ireland.