News from Colin and Rosemary

Dear Praying Friends in Fullbridge,
We do appreciate your continued prayerful interest in our ministry for the Lord here in Dublin.   Trust there is much to encourage you in the work in Fullbridge.  We are looking forward to visiting with you folks on Thursday 20th of this month during our visit to Colin’s Mum that week in Chelmsford.
We are looking forward to another series of Sunday Evening Bible Studies in the Assembly commencing this month.  An introductory meal will be served on 9th.  Then commencing on 16th, we will have 6 studies on ‘The Cross’.  Invitations are currently going out.  We pray this series will be challenging, and many will accept the invitation, and be blessed through the studies.
The ladies work in the Assembly continues each month.  We pray the ladies will be challenged as they attend the monthly Coffee Hour, also the ladies monthly bible study.
The current ‘Bible Explorer’ lessons for Colin are coming to a conclusion in the next few days.  Teachers talk quite openly in the Staff Room of the blessing these lessons are having among the children.  1 boy after 1 lesson told his teacher that he didn’t realise that religion can be so much fun.  Recently when Rosemary was in the ladies Bible study up in our area, a teacher who was present, was touched by the words of a song Rosemary happened to sing, ‘I’m accepted, I’m forgiven’.  The teacher later asked for the words & music, as she wanted to teach this song to the children as they prepare for their Confirmation.   We pray these children will grasp this great truth for themselves.  Colin will be in this School after half-term, teaching another group of children.   In fact after half-term later in the month, Colin will have 12 classes per week.  Please continue to pray for freshness, as Colin teaches day by day.
A couple of weeks back, when Rosemary came home from the ladies bible study up in our area, she mentioned a lady realised for the 1st time that when Christ died for all the sins of the world, she thought of the everyday sins that she commits, and realised that Christ’s death was the full payment for our redemption.  It is always encouraging to hear comments like this.  We pray this study will continue to be a challenge and blessing to the ladies who attend.
Trust you are being encouraged.  Thank you once again for your prayerful interest.
Yours in Him,
Colin & Rosemary.