What will I be talking about at Home Group this week?

1 Samuel 13 1-22

1. The Lord took away the kingdom from Saul because he failed to wait for Samuel. What does this tell us about the nature and character of God? What does it tell us about the nature of the divine discipline? How should God’s dealings with Saul shape our understanding of who God is?

2. The Bible speaks of God’s people waiting on God. (If you have an NIV Bible it will use the word hope whereas other versions use wait) For some examples have a look at Psalms 25. 3,5,21 37.7,9,34 Isaiah 40.29-31 Luke2.25 Mark 13.32-36 Romans 8.23-25. How do divine and human sense of timings differ? a. What does it mean for us to wait on God? b. What spiritual disciplines are involved in waiting on God? c. What does this mean for us as individual Christians and what does it mean for the congregation ?

3. Although the message from Samuel to Saul is devastating, when the Lord pronounces judgment against Saul He assures Israel he has already appointed a man after his own heart. 1 Samuel 13.14 What does this tell us about the relationship between God’s judgment and his grace? For us, in Christ, God has appointed a perfect ruler and saviour and we depend on his intercession. Acts 2.32-36 Romans 8. 31-39. What assurance does the rule and intercession of Christ offer us in our day to day lives and our life together corporately as the people of God? What assurance does the rule and intercession of Christ offer in an environment which is more hostile to Christian faith?