News | Nicola Brown

There was a fly on the kitchen table so I smashed it with a fly swat and brushed it off onto the floor. ‘You shouldn’t do that’ she told me. ‘The ants will come after it – put it in the bin’. I obediently did as my 21 year old Gambian house mate told me to. The next day in my office, an ant crawled up my leg; I looked down and the floor was seething with black ants. This time, I used the spray to kill them off.

That same evening, Pastor S. was at our house as we were preparing to celebrate Sally having finished the first book of the Navigator course ‘Rooted in Christ’. He told me, ‘I don’t know how many ants will be coming for the meal’. We had prepared for 14 people. As the evening wore on, it was like ants coming out of a hole; one person after the other turned up until we were 27 people crowded into the living room. Food was not enough but everybody had something to eat and drink. People sat fascinated as Sally shared her testimony and then recited her memory verses – word perfect. It was a wonderful evening to be together like that.

October was a very full month with many events. One of the fun things was the night when three Nigerian children came to do a sleepover. Their parents belong to a Nigerian mission and they are seconded to our team. Mum had gone to Senegal for a few days so we thought it would be good to give daddy a rest for a few hours. The children, 5, 9, and eleven, were highly excited to come. We had planned to watch a DVD – but no electricity that night, so we sat on the verandah and played games and sang songs. Daddy came for breakfast the next morning.

Pastor F. opened a nursery school and the official inauguration was last month. A huge gathering of people came including some Government officials. It was shown on national TV.

A two day Global Leadership Summit was held at a local church where 270 church leaders and delegates came to watch DVDs from Willow Creek in USA. Speakers included Bill Hybels and John Ortberg. What a feast, but also many situations were presented and I came away with some strong challenges in my life. Imagine going away for a day to a quiet place that overlooks the sea, palm trees swaying in the breeze, lush green grass and a variety of beautiful shrubs and flowers. Such a place is ‘Shalom’, a retreat centre run by the Catholic Mission, just a ten minute drive away from where I live.

At the beginning of October, I did spend a day there as there was a difficult personnel issue that needed dealing with. That issue has now been addressed and time will show if things are now going well. Please continue to pray for my family. My dad has been in and out of hospital three times since I returned to the Gambia in August with respiratory distress. My sister is caring for my parents who are still living in their own home. She is doing a fantastic job of running around after them, but I do wish I could be there to share the burden with her.

Thank you all very much for your continued support. Special thanks go to Anne Kelland who is sending out this newsletter for me