Street Pastors

David Green, who is a street pastor in Chelmsford, has asked for your prayers for Wednesday 13th November as it will be the first time he has worked on a “Uni night” which are some times busier than Fridays and also a younger clientele. Points to pray for – Safety for all the people we see and contact. Good and meaningful conversations. Good outcomes for those who need help. No trouble with fights and arguments. Energy for a 6 hour stint (that’s us) it’s a 5 to 6 mile walk. For us as a team for emotional and spiritual strength. That we, as a team, give the correct help emotionally, physically and, surprisingly, often spiritually. As a team, we never go out without prayer backing which is felt and welcomed by everyone as we patrol the streets. If you want to pray while we walk we are out until 4am. there’s a challenge! My other nights on this rota are Saturday December 28th & Friday January 24th.