A thank you | John and Louise

A thank you from John and Louise We just want to thank everyone for praying for us over the last few weeks, after John was made redundant. God really had his hand on the situation as John had been very unhappy at work for many months and couldn’t see a way out. Redundancy is devastating and, yes, it has been a big adjustment financially and emotionally but it really has been the best solution to a very difficult situation. After a few weeks of praying and wondering about what job John could do, we’ve decided the best way forward is for him to become a self-employed carpet cleaner as he is a qualified technician and it seemed the most sensible way to go. It will be tough to start with as we build up a client base, but we can really feel God’s hand on our lives and thank Him for being with us every step of the way. We would really value your continued prayers as we start this new adventure together and, again, thank you for your love and support.