Colin and Rosemary | News

Dear Praying Friends in Fullbridge,

We do appreciate your continued prayerful interest in our ministry for the Lord here in Dublin.

Colin has had some great lessons in School teaching ‘Bible Explorer’ so far this term. Already for this current School year, 19 Primary Schools in SW Dublin, have opened their doors once again for this programme, and he will be teaching 55 programmes in this period. Remember each programme lasts for 5 weeks. Only this past week there was a student teacher in the class, and he told Colin he remembers Colin teaching him the same programme 9 years ago, when he was a child himself. Some interesting answers have been given by the children in response to the questions that Colin asks, and it shows how well they listen. We have asked for it before, and we ask again, please pray for freshness in each lesson, so that God’s Word makes a great impact. Another full programme has been arranged for after ½ term. 1 Principal recently said that ‘God sent Mr Sheldon to our School’.

Rosemary continues to be encouraged in the work among ladies. There are 2 ladies programmes in the Assembly per month, a bible study and the Coffee Hour. We pray that these ladies will really be blessed through the study of God’s Word. The ladies who come to the Coffee Hour are very old, and we pray that in their later years, they will be challenged by the Gospel, and their need to turn to the Saviour. In the ladies bible study up in our area on a Wednesday evening, Rosemary says 3 new ladies have started to come this session. The numbers each week vary between 12 & 15. We pray the truth of God’s Word will continue to challenge these ladies in their studying, and in the bible study itself. 1 lady told Rosemary that her son cannot wait until Colin teaches him in School later this year.

In the Assembly we had a very uplifting time of teaching last weekend. John McQuoid came among us from the Friday evening through to the Sunday afternoon. We were pleased to see some of the contacts who come to the Sunday evening Bible studies came for most of the sessions. So we prayed together, learnt together, ate together, and there were times to socialise together. The children had their own programme on the Saturday. We pray that as the weeks pass by, the intake of God’s Word will filter through into our lives to the blessing of others.

Once again many thanks for your prayerful interest.

Yours in Him,

Colin & Rosemary