News |Colin and Rosemary | Dublin

Dear Praying Friends in Fullbridge,

We do appreciate your continued prayerful interest in our ministry for the Lord here in Dublin.

We returned almost a couple of weeks ago from a very profitable 2 weeks up in Newcastle, Co. Down, being part of the Northfield Bible Weeks. Each day we ran 2 Bible clubs on 2 local caravan parks. The weather was absolutely glorious, and so for the 1st part of each programme we were able to play games outside, and there were children who came into the Bible club as a result. There was a good team of young people who helped us on a rota basis. During the 1st week we averaged almost 90 children, and in the 2nd week, 55 children each day. We believe that 5 children accepted the Lord Jesus as Saviour through these meetings. We pray they will grow in their new found faith, and will experience the protection of the Lord. 1 day a boy told us that following the meetings last year, he had gone home and accepted the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Also another girl who professed to be saved last year, over the last few months, her mother who was a backslider, has started to attend a Bible study. On 3 afternoons Colin was able to use the sketchboard on the seafront, and there were lots of people around to hear the messages. At other times he used the conventional method. We pray that many people will be challenged by what they heard on the seafront. Each evening we supported the Gospel effort in the 1200 seater tent, and we pray that blessing will come as a result of these meetings.

A few weeks ago the Assembly took possession of 750 copies of the ‘4you’ Gospel magazine. In days leading up to our going up north, Colin visited a number of homes around the Assembly, and engaged in conversation with the people as he left a copy of the magazine. Some people have asked for a further chat. On Saturday 10th August as an Assembly we plan to distribute further magazines in a couple of local estates, where we distributed them last year. We pray the people we speak with, will want to engage in a spiritual conversation.

Programmes for ladies in which Rosemary is involved with, will resume in September. Also Colin will revisit Schools at the beginning of September to arrange further opportunities to teach ‘Bible Explorer’ in the next School year.

We trust you are being encouraged in your service for the Lord. Once again many thanks for your continued prayerful interest.

Yours in Him,

Colin & Rosemary.