Home Group Questions

1. In Isaiah 1:10-20 God speaks against “The multitude of your sacrifices” (v11); “meaningless offerings…evil assemblies” (v13). The problem was that what went on in the temple didn’t have an impact on their day to day living and behaviour. How do we ensure that we worship “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24), and that our worship results in holy living?

2. Historically, evangelical churches have shied away from what is sometimes called “the social gospel.” Read Isaiah 1:16-17 and Micah 6:6-8. Without neglecting the call to repentance and faith in Jesus, is there more we should do to promote justice and mercy in the world?

3. In Isaiah 43:16-28 the Lord reminds His people of the Exodus, then tells them to “Forget the former things” (v18) and then says “Review the past for Me” (v26). Are there things that are good to forget…and what things do we need to remember?