Notices | 28 July 2013

Welcome to this morning’s service which will be led by Richard Little and the speaker is Paul Gymer. Tea and coffee will be served in the back hall after the service.

Next Sunday is our fellowship lunch and Anne and Philip’s/Jeremy and Philippa’s groups will be responsible for setting up and clearing away.

Prayer If you would like someone to pray with you after the service Barbara Diaper and Paul Gymer will be available this morning.

A prayer meeting, to which everyone is invited, is held every Sunday morning from 10.00 am-10.15 am in the upstairs room. We would encourage all who are taking part in the service and youth activities to attend.

Security Rota Paul Gymer will be responsible for locking up today and next week the “on duty” home groups will be responsible.

OCC 2013 Thank you to person who has volunteered to co-ordinate prayer during the time OCC will be happening later in the year.

Pepper and Mustard in the summer holidays During the summer holidays, excluding the Family Service, the Pepper and Mustard groups will merge on Sunday mornings for a joint session. The joint groups start today unit, the 25th August.

Hannah Bostock – After a 12 hour stop over in Atlanta Hannah and the rest of the team made it safely to Guatemala 27 hours after leaving Heathrow! It you would like to know more about her trip visit the Latin Link website or the Fullbridge church website.

Brewster House If you are free this afternoon come and join us at 4.00 at Brewster House for a short service with the residents. We could do with some help with the singing!

Accommodation There has been a request for temporary accommodation. If you have a spare room and feel you would be able to help, please have a word with one of the elders.

Home groups Anne and Philip’s Group/Ross and Bertie’s group will be combing for August and this week will be meeting at Ross and Bertie’s. Jeremy and Philippa’s group will be meeting at Richard and Sarah’s. Shirley’s group – contact home group leader for details. Friday group will be meeting at Paul and Lucy’s.

Home Group questions 1. Why does God use godless men to achieve his purposes? eg Isaiah 45 vs 1-8. 2. On Sunday we read Isaiah 56 vs 1-2. What is the section about eunuchs and foreigners in Isaiah 56 3-8 about? 3. Read Exodus 20 v 3 and Isaiah 46 vs 5-9. Are there any other gods or not? 4. Read Isaiah 59 vs 1-2. How difficult is it to approach God?

Nicola Brown There is a new newsletter from Nicola on the notice board in the back hall.

Maldon Food Pantry – If you would like to donate to the Maldon Food Pantry there is a box in the entrance hall for your donations. The types of food required are rice, pasta, tinned food of all kinds, dried food, breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, biscuits, squash – in other words anything that is non-perishable.

Points from Elders’ meeting held on 15th July • The meeting commenced with a time of prayer with elders and wives for the pastoral needs of the church. • Alpha – Andy felt that the course had gone well. • Mustard and Pepper – The staffing needs of both these groups were discussed and various names suggested as possible helpers. Rachel will be transferring from Mustard to the Pepper group. • Tiddlers – Richard and Sheila are willing to run Tiddlers now that Rachel has stepped down from the group. They will, however, require help occasionally in order that they can have a holiday. • Combined prayer meetings on 27th June and 4th July. It was felt that these went well but disappointment was expressed at what was thought to be a low turnout. • It was decided that, as the elders feel it is very important for the church to come together from time to time to pray, from September until January, the first Thursday after the family service will be a combined prayer meeting and communion service at the church from 7.45-9.15. • Marriage Course – as no one is interested in doing the course at the moment, consideration is to be given to running another one later in the year. • A visit from Ken Webb of the Falconer Trust is to be arranged for a Sunday morning. • Missionary Offering – It was decided that the amount given to each couple or single missionary should be at least £400. Therefore the offerings will be rounded up to take this into account.