Home Group Questions

1.Verses1-5 Samuel’s integrity as a leader. In what ways did Samuel have a high moral character ?

2. Why is it important for leaders, including Christian leaders to be known to be people of integrity?

3. What temptations are there today to compromise our integrity?

4. Verses 6-8 Samuel reminds the people of God’s faithfulness to them in the past. In what ways do you think God has been faithful to you?

5.Samuel looked back at instances where God helped them in the past. Can you think of times when God has helped you?

6.Verses 9-12 In what ways were the people unfaithful to God?

7. Why do you think they wanted a king?

8.What does this say to us about what we should hope and pray for?

9.What advice did Samuel give to the people for the future? How can this advice apply to us today?