Abigails news!

Hello all!!!

So a bit of an update on what has been happening in the last couple of months for me!!

So in June we had a schools week in Dartford and Sittingbourne. It was a fantastic week. We were there mainly for 2 outreach events for there local community called ‘Party in the Park’. We were working with Net Church who have 2 church plants, one in Sittingbourne and one in Dartford, so the events were held in both locations. We spent most of the week doing assemblies, performing in the High Street and outside schools to advertise the events. For the 2 events themselves we performed, played games and shared testimonies through out the evening. The leaders of the churches had worked really hard making ‘Party in the Park’ happen. About 3000 people turned up for the Sittingbourne ‘Party in the Park’ and 2000 in Dartford, all mostly non-Christians. We had lots of people coming over to chat at the end. We found out that a number of people who went to the events attended the churches Sunday service and gave their lives to God that week. So it was amazing to see and hear God at work in those areas and to be a part of what He was doing there.

In terms of next year after a lot of prayer and thought, I have decided, and feel that it is right to leave ngm next year. I have had prayer, prophecy, confirmation through words of knowledge and scripture, and a sense of peace that has confirmed that I feel it is right to move on.

I very much feel like God gave me a choice , but over this last year I feel like for me to grow even more as a person I need to be in an un-known, un-safe place. So I’m still unsure as to what I will be doing but I am at peace and trust that God will reveal that to me in His perfect timing. I’m excited to see what happens because I feel like God could take me anywhere, and I absolutely trust that he will have the best for me.

Thank you so much for your support over these last 4 years especially. I have had an incredible 4 years. I have learnt, developed and grown a lot! I feel massively blessed to have had the opportunity to live in such a fantastic Christian community, for the chance to learn and grow in relationship with God. To have developed a heart and passion for the arts, people, the gifting’s God has given me, excellence, motivation and commitment to working hard and for our awesome God. The support from my family, friends and my church has made all the difference, and I am very very thankful to you all!!!

I will be leaving ngm at the end of August. At the moment I’m pushing doors for options for next year, so I’ll keep you posted as to how things go with that :)!

Prayer points for these last few weeks would be:
– NGM summer school which starts next week – prayer for the young people, that God would be working in them throughout the week and that we would be available for Him to use to speak into there lives, to love and encourage them throughout the week.
– Beach mission which is the week after – again that relationships would be made and that through the teachings throughout the week, that the young people would really grab hold of what God might be saying to them through His word and through what He says though us
– I am producing ‘NGM Academy’s’ end of year show, so prayer for the run up and preparation for that would run smoothly
– I am working on the ngm stand at Soul Survivor week C and Momentum. So prayer that we will have good conversations that will interest people in potentially working or training in ngm.
– Also that God would continue to speak and give wisdom on next year. That He would open and close doors and that I would have peace about what is right for me to be doing.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. I hope you all have an amazing summer and have the chance to make the most of this lovely sunshine!!

Lots of Love