Nicola Brown | News

Dear Malcolm, and all at Fullbridge Evangelical Church,
Many greetings from Morden in Surrey where I am staying for some weeks of home leave. Thank you so much for the gift of £700 which I received on my statement for last month. It is very generous of you and do be sure it will be put to good use. I support a number of people in various ways: school fees, having a young person staying with me in the house, salaries to pay my workers, and of course daily expenses for myself.

Yes, I have just a short time left in UK. Neither of my parents are very well and so I have spent a lot of time with them helping in the house and garden. My father is waiting to hear if he will be accepted for surgery to repair a leaky valve in his heart. He is 86 so age is against him. My mother is very forgetful so the home situation is not easy. It will be difficult for me to return this time, knowing how my parents are. What makes it difficult is that I am the team leader in the Gambia and have a lot of responsibility. It is not so easy to hand over to someone; those who could do the job will soon leave because of their children’s education, and the single ladies are my age or older. I am trusting that the Lord will show the right solution in his time.

My time in UK has been very interesting as I have visited a number of friends and churches. I spent a couple of days in Birmingham with a Korean couple who are involved in immigrant work in the city. WEC has a ministry called Neighbours Worldwide, and they do different kinds of outreach to the mainly Pakistani community there.

I’m sorry I will not make it to Maldon this time. One reason is that I lack courage to drive on the motorway. As I get older, I find it more difficult to drive in UK, especially having to change to drive on the other side of the road from Gambia. I have hired a little car from Ichthus Motor Services and it has been handy for local journeys. I hope that next time I am home I will be able to come, maybe on the coach. For now, time is short as I return next month. I hope that my father gets his operation before I leave so that I can stay with my mother.

God bless you all and give you His strength for your daily lives. Once again, thank you so much for the gift.

Nicola Brown