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1.Can you remember the four headings from Sunday morning that all started with the letter ‘C’?

By comparing the relational aspect of our earthly families and the parallel of the church as a family,

(a) Why do you think the four C’s are so important?

(b) If the four C’s are not evident in the church, is the church really the church?

2.Look at 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. Paul describes the church as a body.

(N.B. It’s not just that a body is incomplete without all its members, but that the body cannot function properly if one or more parts are not functioning as they should. For example, if the eyes are faulty, the whole body stumbles around, or if the leg is wounded, the whole body limps).

Discuss the implications of this for the church, consider too what Paul means in v18 and v26.

3.Look at the following passages and discuss the full implications of the community/family aspect of the church as it uses its God-given gifts.

(a) In our relationships with each other. Philippians 2:1-4

(b) In our practical support for each other. Acts 4:32-35

(c) In our practical support for other believers. Romans 15:26-27 / Philippians 4:10-19