Bar n Bus | Maldon avec Jean-Marc

Bar ‘n’ Bus report for Churches Together

We have been running for 18 weeks now and we are really encouraged by the young people who have started to come on a regular basis. Most Friday nights we have been getting between 6-25 youths. Most of these are boys. It is great because we are beginning to start to build up trust with them.

A few weeks ago one lad that has been coming regularly, even made a cake to share with everyone which we loved and enjoyed yum yum. We have started to park at the skate park during the summer months which seems to be working and that is where a lot of our regular young people come from.

They enjoy playing the games with their mates and with us. We have an Xbox, wii, plus a ton of board games which are just as popular. For the girls have a nail bar. The boys come and have their nails done too! We have been given some more opportunities to go in to The Plume School and promote the bus in June & July.

We have had some great support from All Saints church ladies who come and bring us cakes on the 1st & 2nd Friday of the month also we have just secured cakes for the 3rd Friday from the Fullbridge church which is a great help, they love home made cakes. Our team of volunteers get on well together which is very important.

We all love what we are doing and it is important that we are being Jesus hands & feet to our youth. There are 14 volunteers at present time but we still do need more even if it is just once a month. God is doing amazing stuff and we look forward to what God has for these young lives that are precious to him.

If you feel you would like to volunteer to help with Bar n Bus or can help with cakes, please have a word with Jean Marc or Andy Mugford.