Brazil |Eliangela’s home | Construction

Message from Judy: “I’m sending these photos to show how the new room is coming on at Eliangela’s house.The first one (before building) and the third (which shows where there’ll be an ‘open’ space) are taken from more or less the same place. The older chap in the blue top is Joaquim and the lady with hand on hips is Eliangela. Joaquim was recommended to us as a good brick layer, as well as him offering to do the work. Thiago has commented twice on how good the brick laying is compared with what he sees (and he sees lots of brickwork, as he puts in windows). He said ‘wow it’s really straight’ !!”

X Eliangela's - before building 2~1 X Eliangela's room. Taken from the new bedroom.  The other side of the low wall will be an 'open' space. x Eliangela's. J building w William & Arthur~1 Y Eliangela's room w J taken from the new bathroom into the new bedroom