Abigail’s news


Sorry there has been such a gap since my last letter.

We haven’t had loads happening in terms of being out and about on gigs. But here are a few highlights from the last couple of months:

– We worked with the BBC again in a few different schools in Bristol – It was great to work with their team again, inspiring and working with young people who generally struggle with school but love to be practical and creative.

– We had a Broadway Live gig in Cheltenham. We did an evening of entertainment for a ‘Hammer Out Brain Tumours’ conference. They were very appreciative of us being a good distraction from struggles and battles they had been facing and working through over the weekend and leading up to it.

– As a crew we went to London for classes in a popular studio for dancers called ‘Pineapple’. It was a great opportunity to be taught by top tutors and be surrounded by so many talented performers working in the entertainment industry. It was a great motivational push!!

– We had a gig in Horsham at Kingdom Faith Church at a women’s conference that they hold every year. Release and Broadway Live performed. Fantastic response and great opportunity to work with those guys again.

We have had a few gigs cancel unfortunately for the upcoming months, which has been a real shame. But for the next couple of months, here are a couple of things I would appreciate prayer for:

– I am a part of work shopping for ‘The Prodigals’ – Ray Goudies new musical that was at Edinburgh Festival last year, and has its first theatre performance in August. That’ll mean learning the whole show in 5 days with some of the cast. So prayer that the opportunity would be a good positive push, and that I wouldn’t feel out of my depth, but that I would really enjoy it too.

– The ‘Big Church Day out’ at the end of May – similar to last year we’re performing twice over the week end. Prayer that preparations leading up to it would come together. Also that it would be good advertisement for potential opportunity’s for Release later in the year.

– Future!!!!

– That even though there isn’t loads to work towards at the moment, we would still be motivated to use our time wisely and productively.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

God Bless

Abigail đŸ™‚