Leicester Uni “Uncover Jesus week”

Jack is at Leicester University and has asked if we could pray for the Christian Union at the University of Leicester who have their events week, ‘Uncover Jesus week’, from the 25th Feb to the 1st March which is next week!

Please pray:

• For God’s kingdom on campus. Next week is the biggest opportunity this year for those who don’t have a friend in the CU to discover the Good News of the gospel.

• That we would be continually seeking God’s will. We want to see people coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Pray that we would be faithfully sowing seeds, for God’s Spirit to cultivate.

• For energy and a deep love for the gospel. Running a big lunchbar and an evening event every day is a lot of work!

• For good hospitality, especially at evening events. The use of homes, rather than “function rooms”, for events relies on a genuine hospitality that does put people at their ease in a new environment.