News from Abigail

Hello all!!

I have had a great start to the new year. Thank you for your prayers especially over the last few weeks.
Highlights definitely have been:

– Our Release gig in Camborne, Cornwall – We didn’t think we were going to be able to go because of the amount of snow there was at the time. But we decided to go any way and hope for the best. It was absolutely the right thing to do because we made it in time for a number of youth events that they had going on on the Friday night, and it was brilliant being able to spend a good amount of time getting to know the young people, teaching routines, watching them perform, and helping them out with there own dance groups that they had put together themselves. We had a workshop and the main evening event on the Saturday both of which were brilliant! You could tell they were all so hungary to be inspired, taught, and to have people they could really learn and gain from. A lot of them were very passionate dancers so they were all so keen to chat after our performances. Most of them weren’t Christians, so I think hearing our testimonies and how God had really used our love for dance to reach out to others, tell others about God and travel around schools and churches had quite an impact, so we had some great conversations!

– Nancy Goudies Spiritual Health Weekends – Both weekends in Preston and Bristol were incredibly busy, but absolutely worth it! I was part of the worship team, ministry team and the Broadway Live! production in the evening. I got to pray with so many women most of whom were just so desperate for God, hungry to hear from Him and lots of them were needing a lot of healing physically, emotionally, in their marriage and family situations. It was incredible to be used to speak out truth into there situations and really pray for God to step in, and in that moment have their hurt and brokenness turn into thanks and praise to God for what He was doing. A lot of women gave there lives to God over the weekend, there was a lot of physical healing, addictions broken, and relationships with God restored. It was such a privilege to see God working so powerfully in so many of their lives.

Coming up in February:

– We have a day working in a school in Surrey this week mainly teaching dance, technique and helping them to grow in their art form.
– We have a couple of dance workshops working with the BBC in a couple of different schools in Bristol. This is similar to what we did just before Christmas.

Since performing ‘Broadway Live!’at the women’s weekends we have had a lot of interest in bookings. We have put together a promotional pack, so over these next few weeks I will be looking at sending that out to lots of different corporate conference venues so that we can really get it out and about!

Prayer for these gigs and for Broadway Live to start bringing in more work would great.

But I think especially prayer that I would really make the most of my time in Release at this moment in time. After the massive hype and busyness of the weekends its difficult when things quieten down again. But I’m really excited to see where Release and Broadway Live will be going in the next few months, and I want to really enjoy this time instead of always looking ahead and worrying about the future. I need to be living in the now and focusing on what God wants to do through me and in me at this time!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Please do drop me an email if you would like any more specific info on what I’ve talked about, or just in general, I’d love to hear from you :)!!

God Bless
Lots of Love