News from Abigail

Hello All

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I had a lovely couple of weeks off, spending lots of precious time with family and friends.

Thank you so much for your prayers into my first term for this academic year. Rosendale, Newcastle and Wholehearted; events that I mentioned in my last newsletter were fantastic. We made some great relationships and connections that will hopefully continue and grow!

It looks to be an incredibly busy term ahead. Lots of gigs and events are already booked up; there is a lot to prepare, rehearse and work towards.

We have lots lined up for this next term, so prayers would be very much appreciated for these few things:
– We have our ngm January conference when we are all back. This is a time for all of us together to pray in the new year, give it up to God and hear what he has to say for the year to come.
– We have a gig in Camborne, Cornwall, where we’ll be working with a church over a weekend with various youth events they have going on, including a Youth Alpha launch.
– We also have 2 of Nancy Goudies (one of the directors of ngm) ‘Spiritual Health Weekends’ in Bristol and Preston, which you’ll probably remember me talking about last year.
– Amongst all of that, the weekly routine of team leading, rehearsals, bookings, cell groups etc will continue.

I think prayer especially for wisdom in how I use my time most effectively with so much going on, giving God space to work through me amongst all the buisiness, and for my times with God.

Thank you again, so much for your continual support, love and prayers!

God Bless

Abigail 🙂