News from Colin and Rosemary

Dear Fullbridge Friends,

We trust you are being encouraged in your service for the Lord.

We had an enjoyable time with the family in Chelmsford last week during the ½ term break, and are now back in Dublin.

Our activities resume this very day. This evening Colin is leading the Assembly Sunday Evening bible study. We trust a good number of people will come, and be blessed through the study. These studies will now go through until Sunday 2nd December. As mentioned previously the studies are based on the ‘I AM sayings of Christ’.

Tomorrow morning, ‘Bible Explorer’ lessons resume for Colin. He will have 12 lessons per week for the next 5 weeks. 1 of the excitements this time, is that on a Friday morning, he will be teaching this programme in our granddaughter Katie’s School. Now she is actually 2 years away from this programme, but she will no doubt see him around the School, or other children will say something to her. All the other Schools where Colin is going, he has been in before. Please pray for freshness each time to make the lessons really exciting for the children.

The activities for Rosemary among the ladies will also be resuming as well. However, she will be away for a couple of weeks. A brother of Rosemary’s who lives out in Edmonton in Western Canada is far from well. Rosemary will be leaving Dublin very early on Friday 9th, and will not be back in Dublin until Saturday morning 24th November. Rosemary’s brother is not a believer, and we are praying for opportunities to speak with Pat during the 8 days she is with him. After this, Rosemary will spend a few days in the Toronto area with her sisters before returning to Dublin. We are praying that Rosemary will also be of help and encouragement to her sisters in Ontario as well. During the time she is away, she will cover many miles. The weather will be cold, but please pray for safety on the roads.

Thank you for your continued prayerful interest.

Yours in Him,

Colin & Rosemary.